alzheimer's disease

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    Im Julie, my mum has had Alziemers for 8 years.

    Hello everyone! My mum has had Alziemers for 8 years until recently, was very mild symptoms. Last year she had a brain haemorrhage and had surgery, she developed delirium and was hallucinating for a few days but after 2 weeks she went home and recovered well. Beginning of January this year she...
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    My 76 yr old mother entering Last Stage of Alzheimers

    Hello, My mum has had Alzheimers for about 9 years now and She is entering the beginning of the last stage which generally can last from 1-2 years. Her main symptoms generally: decrease in appetite ( but She is still able to swallow and eat if she feels like it) .. becoming tired very easily...
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    Hi. My name is Anita. Suspected my mum had memory problems for appxa year now. However, hearing her tell me, today, that she'd been diagnosed with alzheimers, was a big shock and I'm not dealing with it as well as I expected myself to. So many questions.
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    I care for my mom who has Alzheimer’s and migraines

    Just wanted some advice my mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s roughly a year ago, she also suffers with migraines she’s had these 30+ years. She’s becoming hard work I live at home with her and my dad my dad is also disabled, I’ve reduced my hours at work to support my dad She’s...
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    Trying to find a care home for dad

    Hi, My mum is the main carer for my dad who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just over 2yrs ago. Unfortunately my mum has just been diagnosed with cancer so is no longer well enough to look after him. We’re looking for a care home for dad. He has been for two assessment visits at different care...
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    Hello - can they move someone miles away from his home county

    Hello, my father in law has Alzheimers for the past 6 years, he was living at home and my sister in law moved in to mind him but is now undergoing Chemotherapy for the 2nd time in 2 years. My father in law moved in with us but became increasingly hard to manage as he needed 24 hour care and we...
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    Very confused.

    My husband has Alzheimer’s. I’m thinking ahead here….ive looked at the cost of a carer s package 3 times per day and currently they charge £28 per hour = £84 per day. Then I looked into the fact that either one of us could need to go into a nursing home later in life, maybe because of...
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    Step child and decision making

    Hi, I'm a stepchild of someone who has Alzheimer's. He has it over over five years. My mother, his wife died in June with Cancer, he was diagnosed when she was diagnosed with cancer. We dug our heads into the sand over him due to the my mum having stage 4 cancer. He was showing signs for years...
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    One 2 one care

    My Uncle has Alzeheimers and was sectioned to a mental health unit. A care home place was found bit after two weeks they said they did not want him there as he was aggressive. He was sent back to thw unit. Another place was found ...all with only telephone assessments...he has been in since Dec...
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    Hello everyone

    My mum has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dad has vascular dementia. Thought I’d join to see what others are going through and possibly pick up tips on everything!
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    Medication and eating

    Hi My mom has had Alzheimer's for roughly 10 years. She also has an ileostomy pouch. Recently she has what seems to be regurgitating what seems to be either her pills or part of her snacks (only small amount) into her mug or cup of tea. She has also stopped finishing all her tea which is very...
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    TW: delusions involving sexual assault

    My 81 year old mother has Alzheimer’s and lives with my father independently with carers and family help. Over the past fortnight her delusions have become extremely traumatic including believing she has been raped and sexually abused in the night. We are waiting for test results to Check for a...
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    Mum’s first night in a care home

    Hi, my brother and I have been caring for our mum, at home, for 5 1/2 years, since our dad died. While dad was alive we were not aware of the extent of her issues as he picked up the slack himself. She was subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We have been able to keep her at home, with the...
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    Hello My name is Kate and my mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for 3 years. However we believe she has had the disease for over 5. She is at home with my father who is trying his best to care for her.
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    Anti-depressant with Alzheimers

    Hello I'm Jean and my husband Dennis was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 3 years ago. Following a visit from a dementia support adviser who suggested Dennis was of low mood the GP has suggested he be put on an anti-depressant (Sertraline). Have any members had experience of this medication with the...
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    Just need to let it all out

    Dad lives alone half a mile from me. I visit 4 times a day and in reality I do everything. He has Alzheimer's and severe arthritis. His mobility is really poor so he spends most of the time sitting in his chair. I recently arranged carers to come twice a week to give me some time off and to...
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    My husband has just been diagnozed with Alzheimers and I am looking for information and support on how to help me and him cope
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    Hello everyone. My wife and I have been married for 50 years this year. She was diagnosed with Alzheimers last January. At the moment she is able to function physically well, but so far her memory and reasoning is declining slowly but steadily. My reason for joining the forum is to seek guidance...
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    Getting cataracts done

    My husband is mid stage Alzheimer’s and was offered to get his cataracts done to help his vision. He was keen to do this, especially as he wouldn’t have to wear his distance glasses. We had the pre-op appointment and I thought he had understood everything. Unfortunately the actual operation...
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    Contributions towards living expenses for a family member

    We care for my father in law who has Alzheimers. We are currently converting our garage to become semi independant living accommodation for him. We are doing this at our own expense. When he does move in we will then be responsible for the additional utilites costs and also the his living...