alzheimer's disease

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    Wifes Alzheimers

    Hi,my wife has Alzheimers with very strange behavior of imagining things like she is a government agent and is always being followed,things go missing indoors and she believes spies come in and steals things. Would this really be anything to do with Alzheimers? Peter
  2. S

    Diagnosis with denial

    My mum was diagnosed in October with alzheimers, she is refusing to accept the diagnosis, and constantly saying she does not believe it, and wants a second opinion, she has called the doctor fat, and said 'she's not even a consultant'. I have told her try and forget about it all, but she is...
  3. M

    Criteria for Care Home Placement

    Hello - I am caring for my 76 yr old husband who has moderate Alzheimer’s. I live in the US, so our health system options are limited unless you can afford 10k a month! Here is my situation: Husband hasn’t driven in over a year. Is only pleasant when he gets his way. If I encourage him to go to...
  4. H

    Mum keeps going to post office taking money out

    Hi all, my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers earlier this year. Mum doesn't think there is anything wrong with her, and I try to keep things as normal as possible. She is still going about her usual morning routine of going out to have breakfast, and whilst out I think on a number of days goes...
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    What do i say

    My sister who's 74 and had alzheimer's for 6 years now , her husband says he can't care for her anymore , she only has incontinence problems , which he can't cope with , now she's been placed in full time care which I feel is way to soon , she's such a gentle kind person , cared for everyone ...
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    Hi I'm new to this

    My husband is 68 hrs and as just been diagnosed recently with stage 3 Alzheimer's, we think he's been suffering from this for approx 2 years before we got the diagnosis, he is also undergoing tests for Parkinson's disease
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    I am here for help and support as my Mum has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
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    New hobbies / volunteering

    My father (67) has mild Alzheimer’s and I’d like to encourage a new hobby or volunteering opportunity to increase socialising and give him routine/structure. His short term memory is variable and he finds complex tasks harder than he used to but otherwise is able to function independently. I...
  9. J

    Feeling like a Useless Daughter

    Hi everyone, I bit of a self indulgent post but I am just really struggling and feel really useless at caring for my Mum. She was diagnosed Feb 22 with Alzheimer's but just lately she seems to be getting worse much more quickly. Today she rang me In tears as she'd lost her handbag. She was...
  10. B

    Feeling a bit down and helpless

    My husband was diagnosed with MCI a year ago and although quite independent and active, has deteriorated. This resulted in a second referral to the memory clinic and this week a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. He goes to see the consultant next week to discuss medication. It hit us both hard even...
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    Hi. Mum was moved to a different nursing home by the ICB about a month ago. Mum has end stage Alzheimer's and is bed-ridden. She's unable to communicate her needs. Both of mum's legs have been contracted for about 18 months. The contractures developed during the months following hip replacement...
  12. N

    Hi everyone

    My sister has had alzheimer's for 6 years now , she recently went into respite as her husband is not coping , she was very upset and distressed by this , she then came home after 2 weeks, then suddenly without notifying her sisters my neice who has power of attorney placed my sister in full...
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    Hi everyone My name is Sharon, I’m 65 and married to John who is 75 & recently diagnosed with Alzheimers. I retired a couple of years ago & like many others, thought I would be enjoying retirement with my hubby but sadly, the reality is a little different. I am taking comfort in a lot of the...
  14. R

    My wife is 52 and was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's earlier this year...

    I have a 10 year old son who is starting to see the effects of my wife's Alzheimer's, and it is very sad for him (and me to see him having to deal with this). He came to me crying yesterday saying, "I hate Alzheimer's, I hate it!" My wife called one of his friends the wrong name (and we have...
  15. Murray Evans

    One day at a time

    Hi, my partner has now been diagnosed with alzheimers following a change in his cognitive function. Previously diagnosed with depressive cognitive deficit. Just had another angry episode from him refusing to believe I'd fed the dogs, he's now gone to bed refusing to take his medication. I...
  16. B

    Not using toilet

    My wife who has Alzheimers will not pass either no1 or no2 while sitting on the toilet but then passes both easily in the shower or her lined pants. Any ideas how to overcome this
  17. C

    Reluctance to except help

    Hello my husband of over 50 years was diagnosed with Parkinsons and then Alzheimers over 10 years ago. There have been many different diagnosis along the way but it is the dementia which is now really taking hold. He is a very proud man and excepting help does not come naturally to him!! I am...
  18. R

    DoLS and capacity

    Hi, my mother has Alzheimer's and is currently in hospital after an accident in her own home. She is medically fine and when I spoke with a nurse yesterday I was told she would be moving to a community hospital as she is a falls risk and does not have capacity. I was told a DoLS was in place...
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    Refusal to eat or drink

    Hi My father has Alzheimer’s, he had a tumour removed over a month ago now, he is still in hospital because he will no longer walk ..this isn’t due to his operation. He just decided his legs won’t work now. He can’t be placed in a home as it often requires 4 nurses to manage him and homes...