alzheimer's disease

  1. Philthunder

    2 years have passed, now things are getting difficult.

    Hello my name is Phil. My partner Sue has Alzheimers and things have started to get bad. Apart from short term memory being a problem she is now having delusions. Why are we in this house, who are the workers, when there are no workers. I thought I could cope but now I am being accused of lying...
  2. H

    Advice re: how to help someone settle down in a care home

    My husband has had Alzheimer's for just over 3 years. He has deteriorated a lot this year, with some awful long-lasting meltdowns, accompanied by strong feelings of wanting to commit suicide. He had to be sectioned (section 2) at one stage and has now been in a care home for three weeks. I had a...
  3. E

    Grandmother recently diagnosed

    Hi all, my name is Emma. My grandmother has been officially diagnosed this week as having mild to medium Alzheimer’s. We’d suspected for a while, hence going down the route to getting an official diagnosis. On the plus side, it’s ensured we’ll get more help such as carers going in 3 times a...
  4. M


    My husband who is 71 was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2022 . We had noticed signs as early as 2016 but as he was going through treatment and operations for bowel cancer, the doctors put his confusion and memory problems down to this treatment. He is now in remission but i'm finding it...
  5. cymbid

    Mum is so sad

    Mum in care home awaiting assessment. She has altziemers and walking with Zimmer following broken hip. She sits in her room. Takes meals in room too. Has been to dining room and 1 activity when persuaded but doesn't want to . She just sits , staring at tv. She says she is just existing...
  6. T

    Mum aged 97 not eating or drinking - ( less than 400 calories a day)

    Hi all , my mum is 97 and for the last 6 months has been in a care home. She has Alzheimer’s and congestive heart failure. She is registered blind. She wasn’t coping at home and was having frequent falls , so for her safety she was placed in a care home on release from hospital. She really...
  7. V

    Refuses help with money

    Hello, this is my first post. I've successfully stuck my head in the sand not wanting to admit that life is going to change now that my husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. Mostly, we rub along ok, I increasingly do more and take on more responsibility but that's all part of it. My watch...
  8. S

    Weekend activities

    Hi all, My mum has fairly early stage Alzheimer's. She can look after herself with a bit of help when something out of routine happens. She has carers in for an hour twice a day and goes to quite a few activities on her own or with friends in the week. But there is nothing on at the weekend and...
  9. J

    I don't know what to do

    I have been looking after my mum who has alzhiemers for the last 6 years sadly my younger and only brother died of covid 3 and a half years ago and mum started to decline more then. Mum is still at home and happy there but I am finding it so difficult looking after her I just feel exhausted , I...
  10. B

    Support Needed

    This is my first post on the support forum . I care for my wife, Avril, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in October 2021. She is 86 and I am 78. At the moment I have no support but realise I need to get some soon. Indeed I am becoming very anxious, feeling very low. Unfortunately Avril...
  11. N

    How do you all cope

    Hello my name is Nicky and nearly a year ago my younger sister was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She is 52 this year and has Down's Syndrome. She is my best friend and in years gone by my holiday partner, drinking partner lol in fact we did everything together. She has also developed epilepsy on...
  12. D

    Hello Everyone

    Hi I signed up in October 23 and haven't said hello yet. I just never seem to get the time to sit down and post! My parents are both in their 80s and my dad was diagnosed with Alzeihmer’s about 8 year ago. They live in their own home and my mam and I have managed to care for my dad together so...
  13. S

    Any help and suggestions appreciated and welcomed 🙏🏼

    Hello I'm Susie, My 88 year old dad is caring full time for my 81 year old step mum with Alzheimer's. He is a proud man, old school, get on with it and play the hand you've been dealt kind of attitude - A true inspiration. However his reluctance to accept the illness, the help we so need and...
  14. P


    Hello I'm Pam. I care for my husband George who has Alzheimers
  15. L

    Hello I’m Linda

    Hello, my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago but he has gone down a lot over the last 6 months. My 93 year old Dad also has dementia and when we travel the 140 miles to see him every fortnight, my husband gets very anxious and confused. It’s upsetting when he doesn’t know where...
  16. K

    Deferred Payment Agreement

    Hi My mum is diagnosed at 57 with progressive Alzheimer’s and looking like she may need a care home due to her rapid decline. Whilst I dont know for definite due to waiting to see how meds kick in I would like to know if any has used a DPA before. I am really reluctant and upset to sell the...
  17. J

    Negativity and Giving Up

    My 93year old mum has always been very independently minded and capable. She’s always had the mantra ‘Get up and get on’ and is a real fighter. Recently, Alzheimer’s seems to have robbed her of this however. Following a brief spell in a care home for respite, where she was deeply unhappy about...
  18. D

    Trying to understand behaviours

    Hi not been on here for a while since mum passed away. My friend's husband has Alzheimers and seems to be affected by sundowning. He up-ends chairs, empties contents out of drawers, tips the large screen tv upside down if left alone for more than a minute, takes all bedding off the bed and has...
  19. T

    Advice please

    Hello. my mum has mid stage AZ. She has been in an independent living home with twice daily care visits. She has been refusing them entry and is not cooking, eating or washing. Recently she has become unsafe - walking into traffic, getting lost in the town she has lived in for 12 years...
  20. B

    Hello New here

    My Mom has been diagnosed with late onset Dementia/ Alzheimers disease. It's so hard. She moved in with my husband and I. I wad so happy to find this resource and others who are in the same boat or can truly understand. Nice to meet ya all.