alzheimer's disease

  1. P

    Mam has Alzheimers

    Mam was diagnosed with Alzheimers 2 years ago after showing all the signs and symptoms - forgetfulness, confusion about everything, poor visual perception, unable to process information and misplacing things. She is on Donepezil which she takes once a day (before bedtime) and I have been...
  2. H

    Nursing home

    Hi, just wondered if anyone had any experience with having to move relative from care home to nursing home. Mum has Alzheimer’s and been in care home for nearly 3 years. She suffers from really high anxiety which obviously is 100x worse with the Alzheimer’s. About 6 weeks ago she started having...
  3. G

    First post - my contact is refused by relative with Alzheimer's

    My wife's brother (who I'll call George) was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2022 and has been slowly deteriorating. Our two families are very close and we usually stay with each other for a few days every couple of months as we live several hours from each other. When we went to their house in...
  4. S


    Hi Mum is in the later stages of Alzheimers and has been on pureed food for some time now. She can't feed herself or hold a cup so has a beaker with a spout which we slowly dribble into her mouth. She often has TIAs so the right sude of her mouth us often down making liquids difficult. She was...
  5. Gemini85

    Need advice

    Hi there My mum got diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2021 at 58, she's now 60 She wants to rent a bungalow and I've got her on the council list as she has a knee replacement and her mobility is not the best and then with her having Alzheimers I was advised it would be better for her. I feel like...
  6. C

    Hello - advice on tracking watches

    Hello My father has Alzheimer’s and I am looking into any advice or recommendations for tracking watches as I think this will be beneficial for his independence. Has anybody any advice on this? Thank you
  7. P

    Hello thank you for letting me join

    My husband has Alzheimer’s, I suspected something not right in lockdown, it has taken until last September to get him diagnosed. Our daughter is very supportive, helps us out when she can. She has a young family and works, so any spare time she has is helpful. I have taken on all the gardening ...
  8. B

    How do I tell my sister that our brother has terminal cancer

    Last year my sister was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She is the oldest and I am the youngest, and her main carer, although she does still manage to live alone. I have just learnt that our brother (who is aged in between us), has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and it is terminal...
  9. R

    Looking after our lovely mum

    My mum was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Dementia 18 months ago and. will be 90 this year. We promised to keep her at home for as long as possible. I live a long way away as do my siblings.
  10. S

    Wild swings

    I am puzzled. Can anyone shed light, please? My wife, who is a Stage 1 Alzheimer's patient, and has been complaining of MCI since 2015 when she was first referred for an MRI scan, fluctuates wildly in her mental capacity. It swings between a state of near normality (though with seriously...
  11. T

    Hi, new to the group

    My mother has Alzheimer’s and my father is her carer.
  12. B

    Transport to hospital appointment

    My OH has Alzheimer's and also skin cancer, Following day surgery, next week he has an outpatient appointment. The day surgery was an early start and the outpatient appointment is right at the end of the day. Early and late are a problem for him as he gets very tired and very anxious/confused...
  13. G

    End stage Alzheimer's

    Does anyone else feel the way I do? My husband is in a Care Home and has had Alzheimer's for 7 years now. He has been deteriorating over the past 12 months and since Christmas markedly so. He developed a chest infection last week and as we have a TEP in place for no interventions, they rang to...
  14. T

    Is it Alzheimer’s related

    Good afternoon all. My dad has Alzheimer’s diagnosed 4 years ago and I am his primary carer. Dad has recently told me that he’s had a few incidents while on his daily walks, meaning he has accidentally pooped himself. He says it’s because he’s not been able to get to a toilet in time as he walks...
  15. D

    New diagnosis

    Hi, I’m just back from a diagnosis appointment with my 85yr old Mum. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I feel quite shocked even though I expected dementia of some sort. My Mum showed no reaction at all, she just said she knew her memory wasn’t very good. I cried during the explanation but my...
  16. J

    How do I persuade my sister to accept help with meals

    My sister lives alone. I am her sole relative. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 3 years ago. She is very independent. I persuaded her to accept an agency calling in once a day whilst I was out of the country. She refused to let them her help with meal preparation. I am fairly sure she...
  17. T

    Dad has Alzheimer’s

    Hi All, My dad started to get forgetful about 2 years ago, after a load of tests he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year. It’s been a crazy year, I can’t actually believe how quickly it’s progressed. He’s started to get aggressive and act like my 7 year old. Not sure what to expect to...
  18. L

    My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and the reason why I have decided to join this forum is because my lovely mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease nearly two years ago in her home country, I brought her to the UK at the beginning of last year, she hasn't got residency in the UK and we are...
  19. J

    Losing ability to use telephone

    My mum who has Alzheimer's so slowly losing the ability is understand how to speak into the telephone. She presses buttons and accidentally puts it down etc. Its ok with supervision on her end from my Dad but I don't think it will be long before this method of communication isn't so accessible...
  20. L


    Hello everyone 👋 I have just joined the forum as I wanted a place I can vent and get some advice on caring for my mum who has altzheimers. I have so many questions and will have a scroll through the topics on here in a bit. My mum was diagnosed with altzheimers 2 years ago. She is in denial...