alzheimer's disease

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    Personal Hygiene Issues

    Hello Everyone My husband Alzheimers Stage 5 has not washed for almost 3 WEEKS. He now smells of urine. I've tried EVERY tactic to get him to have a bath/wash but to no avail. IHe is very mobile and can wash himself independently. t's so distressing. I'm spoke to the Day Care Centre ge...
  2. B

    Alzheimer's and vision

    Hello everyone, I just have a question about my Dad's vision. My Dad has early-middle stage Alzheimers and it mainly affects his short term memory and his vision. He has been to the optician various times and had new glasses but I realised yesterday he can see very very little despite the...
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    My life is falling apart

    My wife was diagnosed with alzheimers a couple of years back but strenuously denies it. We have no local friends or family who can visit. I have applied for a bit of financial assistance but unfortunately didn’t qualify because her disease isn’t considered severe enough and this has made me...
  4. M

    Overwhelmed Already

    Hi All, I'm in the unenviable position of now having both parents diagnosed with Alzheimer's - mom 6 years ago and dad just last week. I'm an only child (if you can call a 56-yr-old a child). Mom's been on medication since diagnosis and her memory is too bad considering, but physically she's...
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    Hi lm Wendy

  6. O

    How to deal with emotional personality.

    Hello all, My OH has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and is taking Donepezil 5mg for 2 months, His behaviour towards myself and his sons has changed even before taking the meds He says no one listens to him, he feels the family are not a family anymore, he’s the father and no one listens to him...
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    i am a new member; my husband was diagnosed with combined Alzheimer's and vascular dementia and i am finding it increasingly difficult as he is becoming more erratic and angers quickly. I hope to find support and advice. Thanks.
  8. Y

    Hospitalisation and decline in symptoms

    Hi, This is my first time posting, just joined the forum. My mother in law (82) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia last year. She has remained pretty much independent at home with one daily visit from a carer and a daily meal service. She was able to take care of her own...
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    My Dad was finally diagnosed with Alzheimers a few months ago after a car accident and my parents are slowly very slowly accepting the diagnosis. I have known that something is seriously wrong for several years. My mum has always been very demanding of my dad especially about things which she...
  10. P

    Hello!! Can you help?

    Hi, my name is Jane. My mum has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My sister and I aren't sure about how to break this news to mum. Has anyone got and experience of this and could advise how you tackled this situation? Thanks, in advance for your help
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    My husband passed away January 9th after a relatively short but intense journey with Alzheimer’s. He was working full time the summer of 2021 when we got the official diagnosis. Shortly after that he went on disability. He was still driving in June of 2022, working around the house and yard...
  12. L

    Health and welfare LPA?

    Hello everyone My Dad's Alzheimer's is getting steadily worse - his memory is terrible now, he's increasingly frail and he is beginning to show signs of next stages (can't dress himself, incontinence, etc). At the moment we have carers going in three times a day at home, but we are beginning to...
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    Hello, my name is Vicki. I am a new member..My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2021 and it would be good to have the support ftom the group.

    Hello, my name is Vicki. I am a new member. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2021 and it would be good to have the support from the group. Many thanks
  14. K

    Mums deteriorating and I need help regarding her driving and the rules around it

    Hi There, My mother was diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimers last May - it's getting worse, with her being quite poorly and not getting to the loo on time and the other obvs symptoms....I think we're now in the middle ground, bordering the late stage. She refuses to accept help, she is...
  15. Nettie64

    Having a hard time

    Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me. My husband had a confirmed diagnosis on Wednesday that he has Alzheimers. I dont understand my feelings I am angry, emotional sad and feel like I am grieving already. We have been on this journey now for nearly 12 months and I feel drained phsically and...
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    Hello. My 84 year old Uncle has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s he lives on his own but in the USA. All the family are here in the UK which he used to visit regularly before Covid. I’m looking to relocate him back to the UK so we can care for him but would the journey be too much for him.
  17. Z

    Where to get help

    My Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in august and has also significantly increased her drinking, extremely high levels of spirits in large quantities. I need to get help and support for her and my grandpa but feel overwhelmed with where to start with so many different things going on with...
  18. Z

    Dealing with mood swings and sulking.

    Hello, I'm a full time carer for my mother who has Alzheimers and Primary Progressive Aphasia. She's already in the later stages, although only diagnosed 5 months ago. Mum has progressed rapidly with new symptoms that seem to appear every other day. Her ability to communicate has dwindled...
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    Hi my sister has alzheimer's she's only 75years and I'm desperately looking for some ideas for activities we can do together in her room , her conversation is now very limited, I feel sad when I leave her as I don't like her just sitting on her own , we have had little trips out but at the...
  20. D

    In a quandary

    Hoping for some advice please! Mum has Alzheimer’s, and until a few weeks ago, her and my dad managed in their own home. A few weeks ago he had a fall and ended up in hospital. Whilst he was there, me and my siblings decided she would be safer in a care home (respite) and perhaps when he came...