alzheimer's disease

  1. L

    How can we support my mum (the carer).

    Apologies in advance - this might be long! My dad is in his 8th year since diagnosis with Alzheimer’s. He lives with my mum who is his sole carer. He can’t dress, wash, shave, read…anything by himself. Toilet habits are getting increasingly difficult as even if he knows he needs to go, he has...
  2. S

    No P O A

    Hello. My husband has had Alzheimer 's for about 4 years, he is now in a nursing home ,which is funded under section 117. I have never been told about being a power of attorney,and because all our married life(53 years.) I have dealt with all financial things,I did not think it would be a...
  3. C

    Play acting or wanting help?

    Mum was diagnosed in April last year with Alzeheimers though we think symptoms were there from 2020. She is a proud and independent woman who is used to being in control and managing things. Now she has dementia this is translating into stubborn and angry behaviour, towards me and brother...
  4. T

    Hi I’m new - caring for a father with Alzheimer’s whose partner has just passed away

    I am caring for my dad who has mild Alzheimer’s. At the moments it’s really difficult as my mum has just died - he keeps forgetting and then when remembers he forgets when, how what arrangements are made etc. I have written and write down every day what has happened. It’s only been 3 days but...
  5. T

    ‘Local’ driving

    My 84-year old husband, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, has been told by the memory consultant that he can continue to drive for now, on condition it is local, during daylight hours, and in good conditions. I’ve just found out, by checking his email, that he’s agreed to give a talk (which is...
  6. A

    Misconceptions versus hallucinations?

    My Dad has AZ and keeps telling me that building work is going on around his room in the nursing home, which is why there is a lot of noise. Despite reassurance, he seems to be constantly 'listening' and then making up stories to explain what he hears. Part of the problem is that he can't move...
  7. C

    Advice needed - daughter getting married

    My husband, 73, has Alzheimer’s stage 3-4. Our daughter, 36 years old, got engaged over the holidays. We are very excited for her. She lives 500 miles away from us. She, of course, wants her dad at her wedding. He dad refuses to travel so she is going to have her wedding where we live. She...
  8. Kath610

    What are the key things to say?

    My husband is in the late stages of Alzheimer's and we have a visit from a Social Worker from Adult Social Care later this week. I need to know the key points I should tell her to make it clear that what I need is for my husband to have some respite time in a care home, with a view to a...
  9. H


    My husband, 77, has had Alzheimer’s and dementia for several years - I am his sole 24/7 carer.
  10. K


    Hello . My dad has Alzheimer’s and we don’t know how to cope with him at the min. I’m on here asking for help and advice please .
  11. Kath610

    Will not wash or change clothes

    My husband is in the late stages of Alzheimer's. He has been wearing the same clothes and underclothes since Christmas Day - I managed to get him to put clean clothes on then because he had been given a new top as a present and I suggested he might like to wear it. That was 11 days ago and he...
  12. K

    I’m 18 and a carer

    Hey. I'm 18 years old and my dad was diagnosed with early-onset alzheimer's when I was 16. Me and my mum have been taking care of him but it's also heavily worsened my mum's and i've seen her mentally breakdown for the first time in front of me, It;s completely thrown out what was once a...
  13. C

    Just need to write it down

    Hello everyone I’ve arrived here late in my mum’s Alzheimer’s journey ( now 78) and the last few weeks have been quite stressful to say the least. She lives at home with my dad ( her husband of almost 61 years and partner for almost 65) and has been diagnosed for just over 5 years. She has...
  14. J

    Hello! New here looking for advice

    Hello i currently am in a situation of caring for a man who has lived with me now for 20 years, he has Down syndrome, and Alzheimer’s and it is very frustrating dealing with him. I find myself losing patience. If anyone understands Down syndrome a personality trait is stubbornness. But he is...
  15. J

    Hi I’m janet

    Hello I’m Janet my hubby takes care of me I’ve Alzheimer’s
  16. G

    Supporting with loss of pet

    Hi, I am currently helping care for my Nan who has Alzheimer's, on Boxing Day they sadly lost their dog of 14 years. My Grandad also cares for my Nan and is really struggling with the repetitive questions about where the dog is, how did he die as he is grieving for him, what can I suggest to my...
  17. P

    Advice Please

    Hi, I live with my mother with Alzheimer’s in her home. I get no help with my mother at moment and have not had one full day to myself in 2 years. I love my mother but she was a difficult woman before the Alzheimer’s but even worse now. My family can only give me very limited help because the...
  18. H

    Hello everyone

    I am looking after my husband with Alzheimer's, and he seems to have suddenly become a lot worse. It is hard for me to know whether I should encourage him to do more, or just let him rest. He enjoys it when we spend 1 to 1 time together, but I he no longer seems to be able to think of things...
  19. B

    My sister has early onset Alzheimer’s

    Hello, my sister was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2016. I tend to have a lot of questions but no where to ask them. I just found this forum while doing another google search that doesn’t specifically answer my questions.
  20. B

    Help needed

    Hi All my father has had alzheimers and dementia for 2 years now he is 88 the main problem is my mum who is 83 has been his only carer and she is exhausted. What help is available to her I think she needs help in the morning to get him out of bed and showered and maybe some help with cleaning...