vascular dementia

  1. H

    Vascular Dementia

    I have had this disease since 2016. I have kept fairly well on the whole. I do find daily chores hard and have memory loss which can be awkward. I get quite emotional at times.
  2. P


    My dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia 3 years ago and I am his main carer. Looking for support and advice as we navigate the inevitable decline in his condition.
  3. T


    I have been a member of this forum for quite a few years. I first joined whilst looking after my mum who had Alzheimer’s unfortunately she passed away in 2015. I now find myself back here as my husband has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Things seem to be progressing very quickly as it’s...
  4. T

    Vascular dementia

    Hi my mother in law has vascular dementia and we are not sure what stage she is at now. She doesn't eat a lot and is very frail. She can't walk hardly at all we use a wheelchair for her. She can't remember how to do anything at home either. Any advice given will be greatly appreciated.
  5. K

    Is it the end?

    I've read the advice on the website and spoken to a local hospice but I find others stories informative. My Mum has late stage vascular dementia, she sleeps, a lot! She's exhausted, when she is awake she looks like just existing is tiring. I really struggle to get her to go anywhere, just a few...
  6. L

    My dad has vascular dementia

    Hello everyone. I've joined this forum because I guess I just need to hear that we are not alone. My dad has recently been diagnosed with moderately severe vascular dementia. We've known that he has had some form.of dementia for a fee years now but as my dad really isn't keen on seeing doctors...
  7. R

    New member

    Hi, I thought I would introduce myself. I have been diagnosed for 3 years with vascular dementia. I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and stroke 30 years and 8 years respectively. I’m hoping to find support when I need it, as well as supporting others. The first thing I would like...
  8. S

    Vascular dementia & Alzheimer’s

    Hi I’m Sue, my mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia in April 2020 & by August she was admitted into a a care home where she still resides. Dad has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & vascular dementia, he won’t agree to have the test done as he thinks if he’s diagnosed with dementia...
  9. V

    Separate lives

    After a long and unhappy marriage in which I endured both financial and emotional abuse, my husband has now been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Both my children live a very long way away. I cannot now go anywhere or do very much. I face caring for someone with whom I have no relationship...
  10. S

    Dad has Alzheimer’s & vascular dementia

    Hi, my dad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & vascular dementia through having a stroke whilst driving. His driving was very slow, 10mph, we checked the footage on his dash cam. He turned into a side road & hit a car on the rear, drivers side, a passing off duty police officer saw him &...
  11. G

    Living away

    My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. I live at a distance and wondered how I can move forward with phone calls . What should the opening line be? ‘How are you’ seems to much of an open question. Thank you.
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    Thank you for excepting me on here My Husband was Diagnosed yesterday with mixed Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia We are in shock ! We have our severely disabled Daugher home still 😭😭 where the heck to start now ! She is hopefully going into a supported living placement soon Social care are a...
  13. Billybongos

    Hello everyone

    My mum has just been diagnosed with vascular dementia last week at the Memory Clinic. She is in total denial that she has any problems, physically or intellectually!! I am her sole carer as I don’t have any other siblings or children of my own. Last month, I enacted her power of attorney on...
  14. K

    Eating more with vascular dementia

    My dad who is 91 and lives at home with support from carers was diagnosed with vascular dementia in March and I live 2hrs away but have cctv in the house to keep an eye on him and we have noticed he is eating in-between meals which he never did before is this a normal thing to start happening or...
  15. R

    Vasculer Dementure

    Hi, just a little insight to how i my dementia journey started i had 3 small tia's in the late 1990's and a bad stroke in 2005 on new yrs day, i looked in the mirror and the left side of my face looked to be supported by my shoulder i could not talk but i could still think and my thought was...
  16. R


    HI,everyone this is new to me i do struggle to dot the i's and cross the t's so please forgive my lack of grammer, i was diagnosed in oct 2018 with mild vasculer dementia my 2yr journey to that point i can only describe as frightning i saw dead people in my home i got lost many times and had no...
  17. M

    My mum has vascular dementia but is so very dizzy now

    Hi. My mum is 89yrs old. She has had little or no memory for about 5yrs, Doc put it down to old age however about 6 months ago she started hearing voices and she has now been diagnosed with vascular dementia. She has not been put on any medication and was not so bad otherwise until about 3...
  18. J

    No insight in their dementia disease

    The biggest problem with my husband’s vascular dementia diagnosis is that he does not believe that he has it so he is refusing the medications. He had a Deep Vein Thrombosis 5 years ago (before dementia) but now he is in denial about It,too. He needs to be on blood thinners but now he says that...
  19. M

    Vascular Dementia - rapid onset

    My Nan was diagnosed with vascular dementia 6 weeks ago after having about a month of becoming increasingly confused, regressing in her ability to walk and eat, she began choking on food, became scared of eating or standing by herself and then she suddenly deteriorated and became bed bound, was...
  20. B

    My grandad has vascular demntia and alzhimers.

    Hello everyone , I recently joined and this is my first post. I'm 22 and my grandad has recently been diagnosed with vascular demntia and alzhimers, although we was told when he was first diagnosed it was early on set we have all seen a change in him and he is now getting mixed up and forgetting...