vascular dementia

  1. B

    Parents with dementia

    Good evening, I'm trying to support my elderly parents who have mixed dementia and vascular dementia. How will i know when they will need 24 hr care? 🙏
  2. C

    Vascular dementia and heart disease

    Hi Everyone, My Husband was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia 6 months ago, his short term memory was not as good as it had been so he had am MRI and CT scan which showed multiple hyperintense white matter lesions in both cerebral hemispheres consistent with small vessel disease. He had a...
  3. L

    Toilet issues

    Hi my OH is 66 and I think in the middle stages of vascular dementia. Recently he appears to be showing almost OCD tendencies namely with his shoes, putting them on taking them off over and over again. He also constantly moves items around the house randomly. All of this I assume is normal...
  4. M

    Spends day in bed

    Hello I care for my 90yr old mum who has vascular dementia. I am in and out the house all day especially meal times, because I live a few doors away. My mum goes to bed every time I leave her house..., I feel so guilty. Don't know if she is confusing the time of day, because she puts pyjamas...
  5. B

    Frustrated to the point of giving up!

    My 77 y/o brother has Vascular Dementia, he lives alone 5hrs away from me. On Friday I went down to his for the weekend to see how he is in person, we have lots of repeat phone calls every day! I met my niece there, she also lives a long distance from him. On opening the front door I was hit...
  6. E

    My mum has vascular dementia

    Hello everyone. My mum was diagnosed last year with vascular dementia. It is still very new and scary to me. I have two sisters who both have a bit of a medical background, but I do not and so there are a lot of things that I dont understand and neither of them are good at explaining them to me...
  7. T

    Selling his car

    Hi all, My Dad has vascular dementia and is now in a care home in Scotland. My mum obtained Guardianship in January this year. She wants to give his old (30yrs old and worth virtually nothing) car to a friend who helped her a lot while my Dad was in hospital. I am not sure how she goes about...
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    Hi all, I’m 66 and a carer for my husband who has had 2 strokes, a brain injury after a fall and has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. I'm disabled with Osteoarthritis so life’s hard. Hope this group can help me cope with it all!
  9. K

    Vascular dementia

    My name is Sharon and my husband has vascular dementia. He sleeps a lot during the day snd night. He eats and then goes to bed afterwards. I wake him up, he gets dressed, joins me for a few minutes in the living room, and then says “ Im going to bed”. I tell him no to stay up a little longer...
  10. V

    New to the forum and looking for any advice/need to get the emotions out

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and looking for some general advice please. My dad (in his 70s) has been diagnosed with vascular dementia around 3 years ago following on from a series of strokes/TIAs starting around 7 years ago. We had been coping as a family until around 1 year ago when both the...
  11. S

    Damage door in care home

    Hi,my dad who has vascular dementia and has been in a care home for nearly 4 months,my brother and I called today (Thursday )to take him for an x-ray at the hospital which we were told on the Monday that they were unable to take him as they didn't have staff to do it,we are in the process of...
  12. A

    Manipulative mother is giving away clothes

    Hello everyone I’m new here. I have seen lots of threads about people with dementia wearing only a few of their clothes and hoarding the others, but haven’t seen any discussing my problem, so thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and apologies if there is a thread on the subject...
  13. P

    Sister taking photos and film footage of my Dementia Ravaged Mum

    Visited my Mum in the nursing home on Sunday, where she is in the late stages of her Vascular Dementia, barely remembering family and friends but instantly correctly recognising a famous movie actress who appeared on the TV screen that was on in the corner of the room. My sister, who does not...
  14. R


    I with my sister and a outside carer look after my mum who is 92 and has just been diagnosed with vascular dementia she also has sciatica between us we cover 24/7. But the last couple of weeks she is convinced that other people have been in the house and tried to attack her. Normally I can...
  15. V

    New here but glad there is a place where there is support from others impacted by this cruel disease.

    Hi, I’m new to the forum, my mum has vascular dementia. She’s declining rapidly and in the last week told me she doesn’t recognise my dad who is her carer. 💔
  16. J

    Moving mum into our house

    Hi My mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia recently. She lives nearby in her own house and I have been managing her care and pretty much every aspect of her life for the last four years .since my dad died. I also have two special needs children and a full on job . Mum really does not want...
  17. T


    My OH has VD, during the night she often has bad dreams/nightmares this leads to screaming and shouting and restlessness, is this a common side of VD and is there an explanation. Would also be of help if someone has found a way of reducing these sleep decreasing nights. Going into another room...
  18. K

    Hello my name is dee

    My mother has vascular dementia and due to her keep falling and ending in hospital she has now gone into a home .im pleased as I know she is safe and cared for ,but the devastation I feel to my mental health as I c my mum and friend disappear ,I feel scared to stop being busy with work...
  19. SarB

    Anger and violence

    I need help and advice. My dad (87) who lives with my mum (87) has just been diagnosed with vascular dementia from his 2019 CT head scan (delay due to covid) and is awaiting review of his Feb 2024 CT scan. He does not believe there is anything wrong with him, despite not bring able to retain...
  20. H

    Stepfather wont let ne see mum

    Hi everyone, My mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia in November 2020 and I have been with her for absolutely everything. 2 weeks ago I fell out with my stepfather over her care, he assaulted me & I had to call police & ss safeguarding. Now he refuses to let me see or talk to mum. What can...