vascular dementia

  1. H


    I am worried about my mum who has vascular dementia
  2. G

    My mum

    Hi all. Newbie here. Found this forum whilst looking for advise about a legal issue. My mum has vascular dementia, diagnosed around 2019, and now lives with my brother and his girlfriend and her daughter. A lot has happened, suffice to say my brother I don't get on and I've been left feeling...
  3. J

    What should I do ?

    My mom who is nearly 88 has been looking after her 89 Yr old partner for the last few years as he has vascular dementia. He has 4 x 30 min care calls a day which isn't enough in reality but social services say otherwise. He is declining (I had my dad for 5 years with this so can see the signs...
  4. S

    Advice needed a bit of a strange question

    Hi My Mum is in a care home and she has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia among other health problems. I have been friends with one of her carers on Facebook for years before my Mum went into the care home. The management have now told the carer that they must remove me otherwise they will have...
  5. A

    Hi all , any advice welcome

    I care for my elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, she is determined not to go into a care home either for respite or full time . I am the only family member who lives nearby so l bear the full burden of responsibility l have power of attorney for finances and care, I have...
  6. P

    New here, Grieving and broken after mums Diagnosis

    Hi all, I have a few different experiences of dementia with loved ones who passed, both different, one that dragged on for years, one that ended in a person being none verbal after a stroke for years. But my mum is 87 years old, until earlier this year was pretty mobile, and still with it to a...
  7. J

    Vascular Dementia

    As all dementia's are different. Even with Vascular, each case is different. So I thought I'd start a chat on Vascular dementia in particular to try and find what things you find are affected. I realise some things will overlap with the different forms of dementia's but trying to get a better...
  8. S

    Vascular Dementia

    Hi my name is Trudy and my Mum has Vascular Dementia
  9. M

    Torn in 2 directions

    Hi About 6 years ago I noticed something was wrong with my dad. He wasn't his normal self and became forgetful, often late and well just not him. Fast forward 4 years until 2021 I managed to get an appointment with the specialist, who carried out a scan of his head. He has moderate vascular...
  10. W

    New here

    Good Morning to everyone, it's great to find a place to chat with people who may have gone through the worries/ situation I may have with my father whom is living with alzhimers and vascular dementia.
  11. H

    Help with mums passing leaving dad behind

    Hi my names Holly, mum has just passed away leaving my dad behind, he has vascular dementia/alzhiemers, the problem is he keeps forgetting she's gone and I have to keep telling him over and over she's no longer with us, I really don't know how to deal with it. Is there anyone in the same...
  12. A

    New member

    Hello folks, joining this group as mum has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. We have carers coming in twice a day but our main issue is mum goes “walkabout”. We have cameras inside and outside the house and Apple air tags in her purse and keys on find my iPhone app. Any...
  13. S

    Advice would be welcome

    Hi I’m new to this forum. I care for my mum who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia 5 years ago. I work for myself so can be flexible with time but am finding her care takes up more and more of time leaving me less opportunity to work and earn. My daughter who attends university...
  14. always dancing

    Dad 💜

    Hello, my dad is 85 and has had vascular dementia for a few years now as well as two strokes. He has recently been in hospital with severe pneumonia and is now back home. Since he’s been home, he has been coughing lots and making a groaning sound whilst coughing. This is something he’s never...
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    2nd post today as so many things are progressing, Dad lives with me, has ALZ and VD. Spent 5 and a half hours at A&E last week as bowels not opened for 12 days and toxins caused psychosis, went to docs on day 11, no help, sent home with lactulose prescription. Memory doctor said A&E for enema...
  16. R

    My Dad has lost the use of his legs overnight

    So my Dad has VD and ALZ, possibly later stages as now incontinent but can feed himself, knows me etc, up until 2 days ago could stand from chair with help and could walk a short distance holding my arms etc, he has always been controlling, strong willed, won’t be told what to do for as long as...
  17. B

    In sickness and in health

    When you make those vows you have no idea what your future holds. My husband has alzheimers and vascular dementia for about 6 years now but as he has always been a bit of a comedian we would all laugh at the daft things he said or did. Now we know better and although life has become very...
  18. O

    Help x

    I can’t beleive I’m actually writing this message I just feel I need some support , my lovely mum has been diagnosed with vascular dementia not a new thing and honestly I don’t feel we are any worse than we were when she was diagnosed back in feb 2022 perhaps I am kiddinf myself but the bad...
  19. A

    Hi all.

    Hi all, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Agata , im 21. My mam had been diagnosed with vascular dementia last year and has been on a downward spiral ever since. Her mobility is pretty much non existent. Most of the caring responsibilities are on me. I also work and am in university ...
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    New Member

    Hi, My name is Cheryl and my husband has vascular dementia and lives in a nursing home in Penarth. He has been there about 5 months. He is not happy. It is not the homes fault, they are amazing to him. He wants to come home and thinks there is nothing wrong with him because the care is so good...