vascular dementia

  1. A

    VD diagnosis for my mum this week

    Hello. I've just joined following my mum's diagnosis this week for vascular dementia. She hasn't been herself for 5 months or so, and has had many falls this year, including 2 falls in the last two weeks which resulted in two overnight stays in A&E. She has also struggled to keep her diabetes...
  2. A

    Two parents potentially different care homes?

    Help, I don’t know what to do. I’m in the awful position whereby both my parents need care: Dad - has duel diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia as well as some physical health needs. Went into residential care in September and loves it and has chosen to stay meanwhile.. Mum - was admit...
  3. C


    Hello my name is Cathy and I care for my mum who has vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  4. A

    Hi, I’m Alison & my Dad has, had Alzheimer’s & Vascular Dementia. He passed away 4 days ago 💔

    My Dad passed away 15/11/23 following a massive seizure 8 days earlier. It was his first for 9 years when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & Vascular Dementia 💔 Until 7/11/23 we didn’t know that seizures were a rare symptom of dementia. We thought his first was a one off. It’s early stages...
  5. Leroy

    New member mom got vascular dementia what should I say when mom goes on about wanting bank card she gets confused with money

    New member mom got vascular dementia what should I say when mom keeps asking for her bank card she gets confused with money
  6. B

    Hello everyone, my wife was diagnosed with Altziemers/vascular in November last year, and I would like to

    Hi, I am a new member, and I’m a carer for my wife who was diagnosed with Altziemers/vascular dementia last year, we are both in our seventies, i have two stepsons in their fifties and both work. I am the main carer, and i must admit it’s hard on my own, as my wife has mood swings and is very...
  7. M

    Hi , my name is Caroline and my beautiful mum has vascular Dementia

    My beautiful mum has vascular dementia and has not eaten much for the last five days due to not being able to swallow and choked on ice cream the other day . Back in may she was admitted to hospital with another suspected TIA and I asked about a peg the consultant refused point blank saying they...
  8. M

    Partner with mixed dememtia.

    My partner was diagnosed with vascular dementia after a mild stroke 3 years ago. He was then diagnosed with Alzheimers a year after that. So he has mixed dementia. He has a brother and 2 sisters who had Alzheimers. He also has a failing heart...a lot for him to cope with so we never go out...
  9. L

    Heart breaking decision

    Last Friday my husband had to go into care because he has vascular dementia. I always knew it would be hard but never imagined it could be this difficult, it didn’t help when my daughter and I went into his room, it smelled of urine, the bed and bedding wasn’t very clean, and there was someone’s...
  10. H


    Hello, I'm new & am a carer for my mum Dorothy who is 90 & has Alzheimers & Vascular dementia
  11. P


    My wife aged 67 has vascular dementia following a stroke, and has sight in only half of one eye. She has the memory of a goldfish. She cannot locate our toilets, cannot undress to go to the loo, so I have to be with her! You can imagine the looks when I exit the ladies toilet with her. I/we...
  12. F

    hi i am a new member ,thought it would be a good idea to join ,as i have read a few threads that has given me sound advice

    hi i am a new member first post ,joined because it sounds to me that you can get clear advice on topics that compare with my own i am at the point of putting my brother into respite ,he has vascular dementia and has started to sleep in his chair all night and is incontinent ,worried stressed...
  13. D

    5HTP and Seratonin levels

    Thank you for help with shower advice for my mum who has later stages of vascular dementia- it was really helpful. Please can I ask if anyone can recommend a good alternative to 5HTP -my mum has been on this for a while and we are worried as advice seems to indicate to use for up to a year. It...
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    Hi everyone I’m Andrea Sorry for the long post. My mam was diagnosed with Vascular dementia 2 years ago. She can no longer walk and is double incontinent, her memory is around 3 and a half minutes at the moment but thankfully she still recognises us all. A year ago she could stand with aide but...
  15. D

    Fear of shower and pneumonia

    My mum has been diagnosed with the latter stages of vascular dementia. She has a fear of showers/baths/getting wet- saying she was told she could get pneumonia. I ramp up the heating so warm but her mood becomes defensive, emotional and stroppy when a shower is mentioned. Has anybody got any...
  16. R


    Hello all. Just introducing myself. I am 35, married with two kids. My mam has vascular dementia and I believe she in the last stages. Currently studying to be a children's nurse. Looking for people to chat with during these hard times. Thanks alot.
  17. C


    My husband aged 74, retired academic, was diagnosed with vascular dementia about a year ago following a stroke 3 months earlier. Stroke had no physical impact all memory and cognition. Home after 9 days in hospital, lived at home for next with increasing sundowning type symptoms for 9 months...
  18. B

    My Dads decline

    My Dad is 75 and has mid to late stage vascular dementia which he was diagnosed with in 2019. He recently suffered an infection that caused hospital stays and rehab and he has declined and now suffers from depression and anxiety. My Mom has been married to him for 58 years. They were high school...
  19. F

    Seek advice and guidance

    Hi, I'm Mary. My husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia last Wednesday. I am still processing this information though I had hoped his memory loss, confusion and mobility issues were due primarily to his two strokes (one in early June and one in mid September). So glad our daughter was...
  20. SallyKat

    Inappropriate comments to female carers

    Hello My dad has vascular dementia. He has carers visit three times a day. A recurring theme lately is that he making inappropriate comments to female carers. The care company we use has an app that family members can access and read the carers notes. Today the carer has said my Dad has made...