vascular dementia

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    Hi everyone. I am Mike and my wife Pat and I were both born on 15 January 1937, so 87 in a week! We have been married for 66 years. Pat has Vascular dementia and is now in a care home, against my wishes!
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    Advice needed please -fall detectors

    Hello everyone, I’m hoping to get some advice please. My Nan has vascular dementia and relatively poor mobility. We’re trying all we can to support her to remain in her own home for as long as it’s viable and she is safe. As part of this, she has an alarm worn on her wrist which she can...
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    What's best?

    My Mother in law has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. She lives in her own home. And we now have carers 3x a day. Plus we have made arrangements for someone to be with her overnight, and 4 days a week for up to 5 hours. 3x a week my husband and I stay overnight with her when we are...
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    Husband's speech

    My husband has vascular dementia and is quite far along the path. His speech no longer makes any sense to me - it is random words strung together and he is so upset when I can't understand him. Are there any ways round this given he obviously can't write or anything? He gets very frustrated...
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    My dad got have Vascular dementia and can't get him to go to sleep and tonight he hit my in the face he always having a go at me and I cant do this anymore, I lost my mum in January this year and my dad got worse I can't sleep bacuse he keeping up up every night and don't know what to do need...
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    Hello Everybody

    My 75 year old wife has recently been diagnosed with mixed Alzheimer's and vascular dementia, although I first noticed symptoms seven years ago. She is, thankfully, still positive although she is forgetful and sometimes confused. But since her diagnosis, we have met a number of lovely people...
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    Vascular dementia

    Hi everyone, I have been diagnosed with vascular dementia I'm 58 years old. I suffer from migraines as well. Just like to chat to get more information about vascular dementia. Thanks 😊
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    Hi - I am new to the forum. My mum is 83. She has vascular dementia. I think she is nearing end of life. She has had dementia now for 5 years. She is bedridden. She doesn't speak much. She eats small amounts most times. I just don't know how much worse she can get or how much time we have left...
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    Funny behaviour when drinking.

    Hello all, We are five years down the road with our Vascular Dementia journey with mum. Things could be a lot worse. One new behaviour I wanted to ask folks about is drinking and swallowing. Mum eats and drinks without problems as the strokes affected her language and one arm only and mum...
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    Good morning, I’m new to the forum and hoped someone might have some advice. My mother in law has vascular dementia and is becoming increasingly confused. She is in denial about her diagnosis and believes there is nothing wrong. She has started to wander at all times of the day, looking for her...
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    Hello - balancing care and work

    This forum was recommended to me by a friend who has been through the same experience, she said it helped such a lot to be able to talk to people who had had similar experiences. Dad is 90, diabetic and has vascular dementia. Mum (87) did an amazing job caring for him at home until three weeks...
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    Hello there!

    This is the first time posting to a forum like this for me, I care for my Father who (after much pushing) has been recently diagnosed with moderate mixed dementia. He has a mix of Alzheimer's and Vascular dementia. I am a middle-aged woman with a full time job, and I am finding it increasingly...
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    Help with 117 and pensions

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help.. my mum has vascular psychosis/dementia and is now in a care home after being in hospital and sectioned. She is being funded for the care home under 117 funding and we have now sold her house so I’m just updating dwp. I was advised by social worker months ago...
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    Pain - Real or Imagined???

    Hi, My mother (87) has vascular dementia after a stroke 7 years ago and, since we lost our Dad three years ago, me and my brother are caring for Mum at home, my brother has moved in and one or other of us is there all the time. We have been coping reasonably well and mums dementia has been...
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    Mother has Dementia. How do I handle controlling father?

    Hi I've just discovered this forum and am looking for help please. My parents are in their late 80s. After a spate of TIAs over 15 years or so, my Mum is probably in her 5th year with vascular dementia. She has some really good days where you can engage well whilst sitting but more where she...
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    Vascular dementia and a change in cognition

    I have been asking for advice for a while now and I have learnt a lot, adjusted my approach and reactions accordingly and things have been ticking along relatively nicely for a good few months. Mum has vascular dementia diagnosed after a few worrying/distressing episodes about 18 months ago...
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    Husband Just Diagnosed With Vascular Dementia

    Well if the start of the journey is this stressful I dread to think what is to come. He's been on periodic memory review for a few years, the last test score was borderline but as things were deteriorating and worrying him he'd already been to the GP who made a new referral to the same...
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    My father in law has dementia

    I’ve joined the forum to look for information regarding help at home to see whether another people have found help that we’re looking for. My father jn law was diagnosed with vascular dementia a few years ago and scared for by his wife. Only now are we seeing difficulties and are worried it’s...
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    Help with Parents

    Im looking help or support regarding dealing with an ongoing situation. My mum has vesicular dementia and unfortunately is getting worse rapidly. My dad is her sole carer. I would love them both to except local support in terms of support groups or support with day to day activities. They are...
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    Financial assessment regarding second property

    My wife had a stroke several years ago and has since been diagnosed with vascular dementia. I care for her at home. I have both a health and welfare, and property and finance lasting power of attorney for her (I'm the sole attorney). She and I, as her carer, have been assessed by our local...