Funny behaviour when drinking.


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Jun 18, 2022
Hello all,

We are five years down the road with our Vascular Dementia journey with mum. Things could be a lot worse. One new behaviour I wanted to ask folks about is drinking and swallowing. Mum eats and drinks without problems as the strokes affected her language and one arm only and mum recovered within days
I do encourage mum to drink, left to her own devises mum does not drink a lot. Lately when I offer her glass she takes a sip keeps it in her mouth and gazes at me, I just wait and eventually she does swallow. I feel like a dental nurse waiting for a person to ‘rinse and spit’ rather than a daughter offering her mother a drink
Mum does not know why she does this odd behaviour although she does know that she IS doing it.
Has anyone else seen this ? I don’t want it to become a habit as she may forget she has a mouthful of juice and try to breath in before speaking. Mum has a bad chest and I don’t want to encourage aspiration pneumonia.


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Apr 6, 2011
For chest infection and promoting swallowing seek medical advice.

If given OK one way to promote a swallow is to gently tickle the side of the throat.