vascular dementia

  1. A


    i am a new member; my husband was diagnosed with combined Alzheimer's and vascular dementia and i am finding it increasingly difficult as he is becoming more erratic and angers quickly. I hope to find support and advice. Thanks.
  2. Y

    Hospitalisation and decline in symptoms

    Hi, This is my first time posting, just joined the forum. My mother in law (82) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia last year. She has remained pretty much independent at home with one daily visit from a carer and a daily meal service. She was able to take care of her own...
  3. J

    Im new here

    Hi everyone, my auntie who lives next door has vascular dementia and has virtually no short term memory, my husband has had Ms for 24 years and I'm finding it overwhelming, I have three sisters who are willing to help out, I need to explain to my auntie that she needs support but...
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    Hello - we as a family are reaching the end of the road in terms of how we deal with Dad ! he has vascular dementia is 88 years old but in reasonable physical shape he lives at home with Mum ( 84 ) and her health is declining as a result of trying her best to look after Dad he is now in late...
  5. H


    Hello my name is Alison didn't think I would be joining a Dementia forum but it helps to know other people know what we are going through. It has all happened so quickly mum has vascular dementia been in her new home for a few weeks which is wonderful but mum has literally not been sleeping at...
  6. W

    Hi my name is Andy

    I am worried about Mum who has vascular dementia
  7. K

    Husbands Dementia

    Hi I’m Cath and my husband as vascular dementia he’s only 53 and a year ago he got diagnosed. I’m finding it really hard as he seems to be getting worse each day. I just need to talk about it and explain how I feel.
  8. G

    LPA reporting possible abuse as an attorney

    Hi. My mum has vascular dementia and has lived with my brother and his girlfriend for the last couple of years. LPAs are in place for both finances and health, and my brother and I are attorneys, jointly and severally. I would say that mums mental capacity is ok for making decisions about a cup...
  9. L

    Final straw

    Hi everyone I started a couple of previous threads about my mum who had delirium last Christmas and since has had a diagnosis of vascular dementia. I’ve got a bit of an update. It’s been really tough trying to support her as she is fiercely independent, will not accept she needs help and is...
  10. S

    Hello everyone LPA problems

    My partner of 35 years has Vascular Dementia and lacks capacity. Her daughters behind my back coerced their Mother into appointing them LPA. Office of Public Guardian have launched an investigation. Meanwhile I am her sole carer yet powerless under the law
  11. K

    Advice needed please

    I have a power of attorney in place for my mum who has had vascular dementia since 2021. We have been trying to get help for her since. She is housebound and confined to her bedroom in a three story townhouse which is unsafe. and she has a number of other health issues. She has refused carers...
  12. C

    Hello, a quick introduction

    Hi, I was diagnosed yesterday with vascular dementia and I still haven't quite got my head around it. I am 47 (48 in 2 weeks) and am a single parent to my 16 year old son who has complex special needs. My specialist seems to think I have many years ahead of me before things progress, but...
  13. Shelly3

    Hello im new here

    Hi there. New to the site. Dad has vascular dementia and taking its toll on me as his caregiver.
  14. S

    How do I cope with the agony of seeing my dad’s distress and suffering?

    My darling dad with vascular dementia had a 3 week hospital stay over Christmas and had to be discharged into a nursing home for end of life care. He developed challenging behaviours in hospital as he wanted to leave and be with mum (who has Alzheimer’s herself). He is deteriorating rapidly...
  15. L

    Thinking of moving dementia patient Dad in with our young family, looking for people with experience of this situation please

    Afternoon all, My Dad is currently in his 5th year of a Vascular Dementia diagnosis following a stroke. I have been his main carer since 2019. He is 74 and his symptoms so far - cognitively, the thing he struggles with the most is not being able to understand numbers so cannot keep appointments...
  16. E

    Early onset Vascular dementia & mixed dementia

    Hello, My husband just been diagnosed with vascular dementia and he can be nice but he is becoming more aggressive & angry over the least bit thing. I am now struggling with it all. nearly 2 years keeping to myself and feeling alone. His family are nice but they are too busy to help. It...
  17. M

    What is Dementia Care?

    My wife Pat has Vascular Dementia and has been in a specialist Care Home for nearly 4 months. Pat is in a room on her own, with very limited mobility and strength, so either in bed or out in a chair all day. The staff pop in to check Pat and give her food and drinks and medication. Apart from...
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    Hi everyone. I am Mike and my wife Pat and I were both born on 15 January 1937, so 87 in a week! We have been married for 66 years. Pat has Vascular dementia and is now in a care home, against my wishes!
  19. K

    Advice needed please -fall detectors

    Hello everyone, I’m hoping to get some advice please. My Nan has vascular dementia and relatively poor mobility. We’re trying all we can to support her to remain in her own home for as long as it’s viable and she is safe. As part of this, she has an alarm worn on her wrist which she can...
  20. B

    What's best?

    My Mother in law has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. She lives in her own home. And we now have carers 3x a day. Plus we have made arrangements for someone to be with her overnight, and 4 days a week for up to 5 hours. 3x a week my husband and I stay overnight with her when we are...