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Mobiles and Tablets

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Sep 28, 2015
Mobiles and Tablets

Our new forum is much more mobile and tablet friendly. This is what you'll see while using it, with the main menu button in the top left hand corner.


If you click on it you'll see your options for viewing recent threads, uploading images, viewing the calendar, our member list and chat if you're logged in.


The next menu gives you access to all your preferences, for things like changing your avatar, alert preferences and other options.


If you have any conversations (private messages) they'll show up in the next menu marked by the envelope.


And if you've been mentioned or have any other alerts they'll show up in the final menu, along with showing a number in a red circle next to the main menu as well.


If you want to start reading the forum just click on a forum name like "I have a partner with dementia" and then click on any of the threads you can see.


If you have any questions or need help using the new forum software ask your questions in this FAQs thread.

You can also read our help section here.
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