dementia with lewy bodies

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    Wife is suffering from lewy bodies dementia

    Hi, my wife has suddenly developed dementia. This is not my diagnosis but that of a consultant. It has come as a shock to me and I am trying to process this. I am asking for advice on how to care for someone with hallucinations and delusional beliefs. These are starting to affect her eating...
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    Respite while waiting for diagnosis?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading the threads here for a while and it’s brought me a lot of comfort during a very challenging time; thank you all for sharing your experiences, expertise, and kindness; it really helps. My Dad is 64 and has an almost textbook case of Dementia with Lewy Bodies. It...
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    My husband has Lewy Bodies Dementia and is really depressed.

    Hello I am mary. We thought my husband had Parkinson's but yesterday the consultant said it was dementia with Lewy Bodies. No advice just sent us away. My husband is really depressed.
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    New diagnosis

    Hi everyone. My husbands diagnosis has changed from Alzheimer's Dementia to Dementia with Lewy bodies. He was ,up until 20/05/2021, in hospital for 9 weeks and is now in a care home for 6 weeks to be assessed to see if he can come home. My question is has any one else heard of Dementia with Lewy...
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    My husband was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia 3 years ago. I'm so sad and feel lost
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    Is my grandad in the last stages of Lewy bodies dementia?

    Hi all, I just found this forum last night and thought I will share my story. My grandad has had dementia with lewi bodies for nearly 3 years now and it has deteriorated quite quickly. It all started from his heart attack in 2017. He was delerious in the hospital and have never been the same...
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    Feeling confused over my dad condition.

    Hi, My father was told last Tuesday he has dementia with Lewy Bodies and all of a sudden he can not walk at all and his hands are like claws, he can't grip. he is in pads as he can't get to the toilet, this has happen all of a sudden after he was told he has Dementia Lewy Bodies. We have still...
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    Dad has been diagnosed with Lewy Bodies......good days and bad

    My dad, 69, has just been diagnosed with Lewy Bodies and started on meds to hopefully get on top of some of the hallucinations but there have been some pretty bad episodes in the last couple of weeks. Feeling very guilty I can't support him, and particularly my mum, more just now with distancing...
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    New to this

    Hi to you all I am new to this group having found myself caring for my mum with a newly diagnosed Lewy body dementia, although I have known for a number of years something was not ‘quite right’ with her behaviour. Dad did a great job of masking mums behaviour until 18 months ago when mum found...
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    Behaviour changes after going in to care

    Im wondering if anyone can help? My grandfather has mixed dementia... lewy body, vascular dementia and alzheimers. My question is... At home he was very confused, couldn't use the bathroom, struggled with dressing himself, was able to do very little. He became violent towards my gran as his...