the long wait for something


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Mar 10, 2024
I find myself in a similar strange position. Never imagined I'd be posting on the End of Life Care thread but here I am. Mum had a possible further TIA and the GP said she may rally or fade away. We now have 'just in case medication' and the district nurses have visited. I did find out yesterday from the GP that mum has advanced vascular disease and hadn't been expected to recover from the TIA she had in December. It makes it a bit easier to cope with that it is so advanced and would have been coming on for years. Strange how mum recovers from one thing and I think she is 'getting better' then something else happens. Mum is doing a lot of sleeping now and not eating much though still wanting food. It's so hard to see our loved ones like this. Hugs to you.
@TessB just seen your post. My mum had a TIA on Wednesday in her care home. Her blood test showed she had very low potassium and I think that may have triggered the TIA. Lots of sleeping and like your mum still eating a bit. Her journey over the months has been painful to watch as she has had troughs where she seems to be on final days and then she peaks. It's emotionally exhausting.
I visit and then think I'll have a day off but feel guilty and worried for her. If I knew she wasn't aware of anything I might feel some relief. She still seems to be aware at times.
Neither the staff nor I have any idea about time scales. It seems everyone is different. 🙁