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I'm involved in dementia research

  1. Because I know/knew someone with dementia

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  2. Though I have never personally known anyone with dementia

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  3. I chose this area of research

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  4. I was assigned this area of research

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  1. Brucie

    Brucie Registered User

    Jan 31, 2004
    near London
    ... or... the biter, bit.

    I have, over the years, spoken with quite a few researchers [I once supplied software for their analysis], or heard from researchers and students who have involved themselves in dementia research because a relative or friend had dementia.

    I thought it might be interested to poll researchers who come to Talking Point.

    Just out of interest.... :)
  2. Okay... here's my bit... dosen't quite fit the poll exactly, so I'll say it as is.

    I think a relative of mine who died quite a number of years ago might've had dementia, although hard to say whether it was that or the so-called 'pseudo-dementia' (i.e. depression in the older person).

    I then worked as a Nursing Assistant in a Dementia Assessment Unit... so although in paid employment, I knew people with dementia, although was not trained professionally in Nursing/Dementia Issues.

    As part of my training, I chose to involve myself in Dementia Related Issues and some of my research/essays etc. involved this.

    I then became a member and active supporter of the A.S. before being elected a Committee Member of the local branch... this being my choice through my own interest both personally and professionally in what I feel is a neglected area of healthcare.

    As I said... not sure whereabouts in the poll that places me - but I hope it gives a clear picture of my interests here Brucie.


  3. After re-reading the above, I've opted for two choices on the poll:

    Because I know/knew someone with dementia

    I chose this area of research

    They both seem to be applicable.

  4. inmyname

    inmyname Guest

    What theme/connections of AD are you researching or interested in dearth ?
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    Rather than researching as such, I should say that it's an area of care that I want to work in.

    Although I am pleased to say that I got results back from my Teaching Session on the MMSE which I have done quite a bit of research into (and even got in touch with one of the people who created the thing) and did as a 'powerpoint' presentation - I got 75% which I'm proud of (the pass mark is 40%).

    Also: I have been in touch with various organisations re: medication, including the folk who make 'Flurizan' for more information... but generally I'd state that my 'research' is more building a knowledge base on the the subject in order to apply it to practice.

    One invaluable source has been Tom Kitwood's documented information of Personhood/Malignant Social Psychology - because this is not just specific to Dementia... well worth a look if you get the chance.

    At the moment though I'm not working in Dementia Care specifically (although at times Dementia Issues come into my area of current practice) but hope to do so as I say... then if possible I'd like to continue further education re: this... but at the moment it rather depends on what's available once I qualify.

    As my sponsoring trust paid me a wage throughout my student nurse training, I am contractually obliged to work wherever is available in Mental Health - I have given preferences, but there's no guarantee - so I will have to see how it goes.

    If all went 'according to plan' I'd love to work as a Community Psychiatric Nurse with Older People at some future point.

    Hope all that makes sense.



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