Act of kindness


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Mar 31, 2024

I wanted to share an act of kindness whilst collecting a new car
My OH has ‘very advanced dementia’ (LBD). He is an obliging 79 year old who has been unable to speak more than a couple of words for several years. He enjoys company & readily smiles. He cannot be left alone so off we went together to collect the new car. The saleswoman remembered him, got him coffee and biscuits, ensured we were both Ok whilst she went through the admin.
When she asked if I would like to test drive, I explained that I would like to do that without my OH. She offered to sit with my OH which she did for 30 minutes so that when we left I felt confident driving the car.

She did not have to do that. It was an act of kindness.
Also, it was 30 minutes more than some friends or family have managed to do, ever.


Volunteer Host
Mar 2, 2017
Hi @Roycelle and welcome to Dementia Support Forum. It is so good to read your story. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is often the kindness of strangers that can make a positive difference. I hope that by joining our community you can benefit from the understanding and empathy that you find here. Enjoy your new car.