Newly changes


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Mar 9, 2024
59 YO female newly diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. After working 40 years with excellent reviews, my performance changed and got bad reviews. Now on leave of absence and rather looking forward to retirement, I am having to move to disability support. Buckle up...I am afraid it's going to be a bumpy ride.


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Apr 13, 2018
A warm welcome to Dementia Support Forum @majudish.
I hope you have someone at work to help ensure you get the best retirement package possible. I'd also make sure that things such as Power of Attorney are sorted out. Other than that I'd start thinking what you'd like to do in your retirement.
This is a very friendly and supportive place and I'm sure others will be along shortly with their tips and suggestions.


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Aug 2, 2022
South West UK
Hello and welcome @majudish from me also to this friendly and supportive forum.
I am sorry to read about your recent diagnosis.
What I would say and agreeing with @Sarasa totally, after 40 years of work, is to absolutely ensure you get the best retirement package - and do enlist a colleague/friend to perhaps help with that.
Otherwise, take every day as it comes. Whatever 'bumpy' ride may occur, there are and will be loads of bright, magical moments... with family or friends that you will enjoy. What you mustn't do please, is think that everything you read on here, will necessarily happen to you. It won't. Everyone's journey is very different.
Stay with us , and use the forum to let off a bit of steam if you need to, or just putting things down on here sometimes helps, members say.