vascular dementia

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    Stepfather wont let ne see mum

    Hi everyone, My mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia in November 2020 and I have been with her for absolutely everything. 2 weeks ago I fell out with my stepfather over her care, he assaulted me & I had to call police & ss safeguarding. Now he refuses to let me see or talk to mum. What can...
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    Hi Hope all is well. I have 2 parents with dementia, one has vascular dementia and the other has Alzheimer's. Their conditions are advancing especially my parent who has Alzheimer’s.
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    Any advice welcome - supporting a friend

    Hi, i have joined the forum as i have a close friend whos mum has been diagnosed with vascular dementia, my friend is an only child and needs help. My father in law died from vascular dementia and my mother in law cared for him until the end. It seemed as though she had a lot of support out...
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    Overnight carers instead of respite

    Would local authority consider funding 3 nights of overnight carers without my mum there instead of 2 weeks respite? My dad has vascular dementia (he's 77 and was diagnosed 13 years ago). Over the past 4 years he's got worse and the past year he has rarely slept a full night. This means my mum...
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    Husband isolating himself

    Hello Does anybody else have experience of this? Husband, 72 years old, who has vascular dementia isolating himself from myself and our family. He prefers to stay in bed most of the day, listening to the radio and playing games on ipad, only getting up for the toilet or to find snacks to eat...
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    vascular dimentia

    I am caring for my spouse who is in the middle stages of vascular dimentia. Some days are better than others. I was wondering if anyone is caring for someone with the same diagnosis and how they are coping? Thanks.
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    Unsure of Mum's stage of vascular dementia, doctors telling me nothing.

    Hi there, My mother has vascular dementia. She started with small signs in 2019, but then COVID lockdowns came so her actual diagnosis was very, very delayed. As such, she has not received any treatment. My mother developed Sepsis a year ago and has declined quite badly since having that, to...
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    What does it mean?

    Hi, I am looking for some help and advice on a recent development in my Dad's care. For background, Dad has vascular dementia, diabetes and has a pacemaker fitted. He has been in and out of hospital since May 2023. His most recent stay has been since Jan 2024. Whilst in hospital he has had...
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    New member

    Hi my name is Sharon, i am 55 and i am a Carer for my mum who has Multiple Myeloma (Cancer of the bone marrow) and was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia one month ago. Myself and my mums friends had noticed changes in my mum late last year so the diagnosis was not a surprise. Mum seems to have...
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    I am angry in the evenings

    I AM ANGRY IN THE EVENINGS William Evans March 2024 So, this is about my Dementia, to be specific, Vascular Dementia. I was diagnosed almost a year ago in August of 2023. I have read and watched many things about dementia and found that almost everything is said or written by Drs. or...
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    Advice Please

    My Dad (75) was diagnosed with vascular dementia around 6 years ago, he was cared for by my Mum and his Sister, who all lived together. Sadly my Mum passed away in 2020, so my Auntie (79) took on full care of him. Due to his behaviour becoming unmanageable, we made the hard decision to find a...
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    My 89 year old Mum has vascular dementia, she self finds her nursing care. I am looking for advice re FNC.
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    Sufficient calorie intake

    Hello folks. My wife of 87 has Vascular Dementia and hardly ever speaks and lives with me. I do have carers morning and evening who do the general looking after. My worry is that she is not being fed enough by us. As she does not communicate we are unaware if she is hungry or thirsty. How many...
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    Husband in Hospital

    My husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia three years ago. He has not been too bad over that time there have been niggerly things going on like he cannot remember how to deal with the TV and little things like that Three weeks ago he went to bed OK but when he woke in the morning his...
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    I'm Jen, I care for my mum who's in her 90s. She's had vascular dementia for about ten years. For a long time she was in denial, and wouldn't countenance a visit to the memory clinic, however I finally got a diagnosis for her in 2019. Her mobility is worst affected and she can really only do...
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    Vascular Dementia

    I have lost my wife to a Mental Health Nursing home and will probably never ever see her again. She had had many mental health problems over the years and more recently had some strokes which meant that she wasn't able to walk safely. Two and a half years ago she was admitted into hospital with...
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    Newly changes

    59 YO female newly diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. After working 40 years with excellent reviews, my performance changed and got bad reviews. Now on leave of absence and rather looking forward to retirement, I am having to move to disability support. Buckle up...I am afraid it's going to be a...
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    Say Hello.

    Hi I've just joined and really need a release for the way I feel about my mum at the moment. She is 88 and has vascular dementia. Her whole personality has changed and continually changes from week to week and sometimes hour to hour. She slags me off says I don't care enough for her or about her...
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    Hi I saw this site and thought it may help to answer some of the questions I have - what better way than from people who are suffering, or have loved ones who are suffering, My mum has been in a dementia care-home for the last three years having shown signs of deterioration for a long time...
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    Any advice would be much appreciated

    I have written here before,my mum has late stage vascular dementia and severe heart failure also other problems, she is 89, and is hoisted bed to chair vice versa. I was helping with the care with my sister who lives with my parents but was unable to continue after myself and sister came to...