vascular dementia

  1. E

    Vascular dementia

    Good morning to you all, I’ve just found this forum and am hopeful you can all help me with understanding how vascular dementia progresses as my mother-in-law is having a very varied experience. For the whole of Feb and March she was completely out of it, speech was random, lying in bed making...
  2. A

    My mother's got vascular dementia

    Hi my mother's got vascular dementia, she was 70 when we got told she's 84 now ..we haven't told her she's got it she wouldn't be able to handle it ..doctors put her the past we haven't always seen eye to eye we don't now this upsets me greatly after l visit her l come home and think...
  3. P

    Is hearing voices and music after fall to back of head part of Vascular Dementia?

    Mum dx Vascular Dementia although not aware of it. Family informed and decided not to tell her as dementia is her biggest fear. Over the last 4yrs she has had 6 falls in total. The latest being last week. She has been enjoying living on her own after years of mental abuse and control from her...
  4. TheNightshade2021

    Repetitive actions

    My husband has vascular dementia and Alzheimers and it seems to be progressing quite fast. He has numerous obsessions-usually involving amounts and quantities. He feeds the poor dog up to five times a day-which is not good and he cant retain instructions not to do so even if written down. I hide...
  5. D

    Vascular/Alzheimer’s sexual hyperactivity

    Is there anything that can be done for sexual hyperactivity? Has anyone medicated anyone affected by this? My Dad has it. He is late stage vascular and Alzheimer’s
  6. L

    Vascular dementia

    Nursed mam for 9 years with Alzheimer’s, within a month of loosing her, my hubby was diagnosed with vascular ( approx 5 yrs ago) really struggling at current time
  7. D

    Mixed dementia .

    I have mixed dementia alzheimers and vascular and take 10mg of memantine a day. Is it normal to feel fairly normal for a while then suddenly go back to being confused and fatigued and all the other horrible things associated with this disease. It is about 8 months ago since my diagnosis. Thank you.
  8. S

    Vascular Dementia - Ridged/stiff limbs

    Hi everyone, my uncle has vascular dementia and has started to have stiff ridged limbs, its not his 'muscle' as he has lost most off his muscle and it mainly 'bones'. But althought his limbs will move, he tends to have them locked stiff, arms usually 90degrees, legs either bone straight or up at...
  9. S

    Choking on Salivia

    I wonder if anyone has had experience of someone coughing and choking on their saliva? My OH has Advanced Vascular Dementia and Alzheimers and hardly speaks more than a couple of words. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to understand him. He was having regular falls, but, this week he had 6...
  10. D

    Mixed dementia diagnosis

    Hi have recently been diagnosed with mixed dementia alzheimers and vascular dementia and I have been started on memantine. I was wondering how other members have found this medicine does it actually work. Thanks for your time.
  11. S

    Anti anxiety medication

    My mother has vascular dementia. She has taken various medications to try to slow the progression of the disease. So far the medications have not had a big positive impact. She is making my Dad’s life hell. He is the primary carer. Given the prognosis for vascular dementia, can I ask the...
  12. C

    Mum recently diagnosed with vascular dementia and alzheimer's

    Hello, First time on this site and I am feeling quite scared. My dad passed away aged 76 about 4 years ago with stomach cancer and between myself and my mum we cared for him (I am an only child). I noticed my mum struggled with his care but after he passed away she was okayish and we had some...
  13. GrannyJan

    New member

    Hi I'm new to the group. My partner of 46 years has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Oh the ups and downs. I'm just hoping to share with others to help me as I feel I'm not very good at this new role. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't. I think I'm grieving for the loss of my...
  14. J

    advice please

    my husband has vascular dementia and is constantly ordering and demanding. hes constantly nagging me to do what he wants. immediately. i need to shorten his jeans so nagged again until i do them. i make sure the house is clean for him and he always has clean clothes. always got what he needs...
  15. N

    Finding a dog for my mother and father

    Hi, My 74 y.o. mum has vascular dementia mostly as a result of a stroke last year - in retrospect we can now see some of the early signs before the stroke. She and my 71 y.o. father live alone. She is mobile and verbal, but often doesn't recognise my dad as himself. She has invented a...
  16. T

    Dad waking up shaking and breathless

    My dad has woken 4 times over the past 2 weeks physically shaking arms and legs and breathless. He has been given antibiotics as they thought he has a urine infection. Started those on Thursday okay Thursday night but woke up again this morning with the shakes. He has vascular dementia and...
  17. K

    I'm struggling.

    Hello everyone. I'm posting here because I think I need some support from members who care for someone with dementia or have a parent with dementia. My father has vascular dementia and was diagnosed about 2 years ago. In that time, he's become very aggressive and was sectioned before Christmas...