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We can still learn something new every day even with our illness


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Oct 14, 2006
Hi to you all,

For the past few days I’ve been completely baffled as to how to add the social group links onto a posting but thanks to some very helpful ladies on TP they have guided me through what was becoming a nightmare of confusions, I have asked one of them to add it to this section as a tutorial as what I thought was going to be horrendously difficult I managed to follow in 5 minutes it really was a case of team work overcoming my adversity and I think just goes to show that even with our illness we can still learn something new if we persevere, but I think it also has to be said that it shows that any instructions on TP especially for those of us with this illness need to be kept to the utmost simplicity otherwise people could just give up in exasperation.

Now check out our great social groups and become a member today







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Feb 3, 2009
Well Done Barry

Well done, you got there :D

I've just been having a quick nosey at your baking group and think I will join, although having just joined the slimming club I not sure it's such a good idea!!

The photos are wonderful and making me feel very hungry despite just having eaten. :eek:

I've learnt quite a lot about copying and pasting today, and I'm going to try it Brucie's way...with danish pastry of course :D

Vonny xxx