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Warning card Fraud Truncation, done to my mother


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Feb 17, 2006
Do not know where to begin, but someone has got hold of my pin number on my mother debit card and has don about 6 transaction in the case machine around Hammersmith fulham.

I phone Barclays up and they said that there fraud department are going to look into it, they are sending me the bank statement and an application for to fill in , the first man I spoke to on phone was implying that I had wrote pin number down someone could of taken . I find out today when I phone Barclays that he had not put it in the system for the form to be delved to me , now I should of taken his name , but in shock I forget when he was telling me how much money was taken out from cash machine , I was in tears .

Lucky the me I had reported my mum card stolen on Wednesday , when I am sure that it was left in till point and not handed back to me or my mother , I even went in to the shop yesterday and ask them to look on CCTV , anyway this morning I went to police station to make credit card fraud Report , soon as I done that I phone Barclays bank telephone banking , that’s when they told me that the man I had spoken to yesterday had not put it on there system .

I rang 3 times yesterday going over the transaction on the phone by this moreing I was so worried that’s why I went to the police , the police ask me to go in to the bank and get a print out of mum statement and bring it back to them , I went home as I pop in police station early morning with dog, when I told them on the telephone banking to make sure I was being sent out statements from the fraud department , then they told me no one had put it on there system, that when I told them I had been to the police and they carry out an investigation for me .

So I went to my local bank spoke to the bank manger , who told me that I was not wrong doing fraud using my mother card , as I had been worried about some wired transation on my mothers statement a week ago , gone in to the bank seeing that I did not have my telephone banking details on me , could not cancel the card, then forgot about it all as , I had the worry about my diabetic.

Then a few later they send my mother a light blue card new card , so I was not worried , littlie did I know what was going on , just can’t understand how they can use pin on new card , but then I could not find it on Tuesday after using it with mum on the Monday , they must of clone it , but how can they clone my new card , its all so confusing and use it on tuesday wednesday , nearly cleaning out the account , thank god my friend said to report it stolen on the that wednesay .

The bank manger said that I should send my EPOA to the court of protection then I well have full control over my mother account .and it is possible for someone to get my pin . she says that she does not use cash machine and if she does she uses one hand to cover over , while she put in her pin , not only can people look over your shoulder , but they can put something on the cash machine that can records you number .

The police gave me a card that says always check your bank statements,

Now I just need the link to the court of protection , I can not find my EPOA and the bank does have a cope , forgot to get the number from the bank , so am going to have to find the lawyer number that done it for me 4 years ago.

I give thought one of my teenagers had done it , bank manger said don’t worry it does make you feel like that I will get the money back , yeah I thought but its going to take time and I had put my Christmas money in my mother account , so bloody unfair . I do not care about Christmas any more, as it, all generate fraud and they had to bloody pick on me.

But you know what good it take time, because I want them to get to the bottom of this, who done it is all I want to know.

Let this all be a warning
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Feb 24, 2006
Hope you and your mother get the money back.

Hope the police find out who did it.



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Nov 28, 2005
So sorry for you - something similar happened to my daughter a few months ago. The card was cloned in a garage - how can she cover the pin no. when she is trying to care for two young babies!!!. Anyway she did get her money back after about a month - but such a hassle - you could well do without it.
Good luck and best wishes Beckyjan
PS have you started your job yet????


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Margarita,
I am so sorry about what has happened Margarita - it must make you feel awful.
I had put my Christmas money in my mother account , so bloody unfair . I do not care about Christmas any more
Don't let them do that to you Margarita. When I was 18 my gramps died the week before Christmas - my gran had died 6 months earlier, and he had been living with us. We were devastated. But that Christmas was so special - not because of expensive presents, or a fancy meal, but the closeness we shared as a family, and the love our friends showed us. You have your health, you have your mum, you have your children - you have so much to celebrate this Christmas - you can still do that.
This isn't meant to sound pompous. I would be so sad to think that these greedy people were spoiling Christmas for you. Like dementia, we defeat them by continuing - showing that the thing that is most important is relationships.
Much love,

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I`m so sorry Margarita. We all know we`re covered for fraud with bank cards, but the hassle that goes with it takes so much out of you.
I do hope you get your money back and will have time to get over the shock so you can enjoy Christmas.
Love Sylvia


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland

Big {{{{hugs}}}}. You don't deserve this.

These people don't care whose life they are wrecking, so long as they get their drug money.

Don't let them spoil your Christmas, just get lots of M&S goodies!


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Feb 17, 2006
Beckyjan , am I glad to read that or what !

Just knowing it is real, it has happen to someone.

I even got to the point thinking have I had a black out in time taken the money out and do not remember or my mother got the bus on her own and gone all the way to Hammersmith and taken the money out, but then the time on the statement it show the time , I can prove that I was working on those date and only in my dreams could my mother do that .

I really have to stop being a doubting tom, or should I say also stop panicking

I finally phone my mother solicitors , asking for the cope of Enduring power of Attorney , he was really helpful , but seeing that I had it done in 2002 he has to look up it up , and seeing that my mother solicitors , has change name and address and my solicitor is there consultant now. Ok don’t know what that means, but it takes him few days to look it up.

Also told me his going to have to give me a lest of what ID he needs from me to prove who I am , ok I understand that , told him my passport run out in October , so am going to have to renew that before I can pick up EPOA , and it was me who said to someone on TP , make sure your ID is up to , oh well this is the push I needed to renew it

He told me that am not allowed to use the chip pin, not use my mother card at all.(Told him I don’t use it )
Only cheques and get money out from inside the bank also can transfer money to my account.

I have to inform people that I intent to apply to the court of protection and have to tell my mother god knows how I am going to word that with out offending her , anyone got any Idea as in someone that has done it and had to tell a love one .

My mother income all her pensions AA are in my name , but put into her account , I could cancel is all and have her pension put into my account , by phoning the pensions as they have my EPOA , but then all the hassle of the changing the DD , I going to sit down and sort it all out in going out

thanks Amy your so right I know

yes Grannie so much hassle , That I am feeling I am the guilt one , what does the law say guilt till proven not guilty that how i fell or is it Not guilt until prove guilt :confused:

group hug Skye yes I need that how . so do I Lila13xx
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Aug 9, 2005
Thinking of you and hoping it all turns out OK. Don't let the officials make you feel as if it is your fault - it is not.
I read something just today which relates to this and might give you a smile even though this is a bad time for you.

"To err is human, to blame it on someone else shows management potential"!!!

Take care,


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Jun 27, 2006
I am so sorry this has happened you. You really should call the Pension Service and see how much time and effort it would take to transfer those to your account. After Karen's (Tenderface) experience with the bank freezing the account when she mentioned the EPA, you don't want to be in a position where you can't get at the money when they have paid it in.



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Feb 17, 2006
Am trying to find that post that tender face said that , can't find it .

Amy kindly told me what I should be looking for to Register the EPOA


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Apr 30, 2006
Oh Margarita it just seems to be one thing after another for you at the moment......The goog thing was getting your job....then this happens....I'm just so sad for you
Love xx

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Margarita said:
I have to inform people that I intent to apply to the court of protection and have to tell my mother god knows how I am going to word that with out offending her , anyone got any Idea as in someone that has done it and had to tell a love one .
Margarita, if it helps to ‘take it from one’ who’s managing to get just about everything wrong these days….

I think the obvious answer is ‘You know your mother best’ …. but that doesn’t help, I know.

With my naivety and ignorance that I could somehow maintain her independence whilst still ‘protecting‘ (what I saw as enabling her to have a ‘Point of Sale’ card for the occasional trips to corner shop which I have now learnt is known as a ‘CHIP & PIN‘ and very powerful tool which in the wrong hands could … well I shudder ) I finally tackled the issue of registration ….

(Solicitor had suggested we take the route of GP letter to Court of Protection advising it may distress her too much ).

At my third attempt, (having to judge the moment she was lucid enough to grasp something of what I was saying even if she didn’t fully understand- and if she fully understood we wouldn‘t have been in the situation in the first place???!!!) - ) it proved far easier than I imagined …. ‘Mum, you know you get muddled up some days etc etc ….., and you might not remember the solicitor coming here etc etc …. and Dr X mentioned it is perhaps time to sort things out… blah, blah….’

Sounds much like your mum, her reaction was ‘Oh, just sort it out.’ Her only concern she retained her card ….

Now, everything's gone horribly wrong, I confess to having being ‘economical with the truth’ so far - forced to tell her she can’t use her card (because bank ‘froze’ the accounts and I couldn‘t risk her ‘presenting‘ at said local shop and being distressed when they refused a transaction) I muttered about this is to do with ‘registering those papers’ and after 30-odd days we’ll get sorted again …..(thinking that gives me 30 days to think of some other way of putting things…..)

Now, give me strength, in these 30-odd days (especially in the run up to Christmas) I feel I am out to prove she/we can manage without her card etc - but yes, like you, I know there is a point I have to reiterate to mum that she is not capable/vulnerable etc etc …. it hurts like hell…..

Sorry, that’s probably precious little help - just to send a hug and say I understand that we certainly don’t need to be battling the banks on top of everything else,

Much love Karen (TF), x


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Jun 27, 2006
Karen, have you taken her card away from her? Becasue you know she's not going to remember that it can't be used. And how are you dealing with the issue that, even if you take it away from her, there's a good chance she'll forget THAT and turn up at the shop anyway?



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Jun 27, 2006
I'm just a little ray of sunshine :)
If it's a local small shop, could you set up an account for her there? I think you talked about doing this before (or perhaps it was someone else.