Volunteers' Week 2023: please join us in thanking our volunteers!


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Apr 29, 2014
Welcome to Volunteers' Week!

Volunteers' Week is a time to celebrate and say thank you to volunteers for their contributions, and the impact they have on any community.

We're taking this opportunity to say thank you and celebrate our wonderful team of Dementia Talking Point volunteers. We couldn't run the service without the hard work and dedication of our Volunteer Hosts and Volunteer Moderators:

@Grannie G @Izzy @LynneMcV @nellbelles @Bunpoots @Sarasa @Louise7 @northumbrian_k @Gosling

They work so hard to keep the community a welcoming, safe and supportive place for everyone.

Hosts help us to welcome new members, support people going through a difficult time, and point people towards helpful information. They also help the moderators and staff team in flagging issues.

Moderators help to keep the community running smoothly by dealing with reports and issues, removing spam and offering helpful information to members.

Thank you so much to each and every one of our volunteers, who give so much to the community. We truly are grateful for - and inspired by - all of you.

Please join us in thanking and celebrating our team of volunteer Hosts and Moderators below!

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Jun 12, 2021
I've found this site invaluable. Thank you to all who are involved in keeping it correct and safe.


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Feb 24, 2020
west of scotland
I'll always be so thankful for the support and understanding that all the team have given during the desperate times when I needed it. It's been 2 and a half years since I lost my husband, but recently have been reading all the posts on TP Since I been widowed I've taken a position of employment as a personal carer to someone who is suffering from Dementia and I feel, in some small way, that I'm giving something back, if that makes sense. My own experience is def helping with insight into my role. So a big heartfelt thanks again.x


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Mar 29, 2021
We really couldn't run this site without the volunteers - a huge thanks!


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Apr 13, 2022
Thank you to all the volunteers. There's a special box of Jaffa Cakes with your name on it :)


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Aug 15, 2022
Big thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers. You are brilliant ☀️