Tough one today.


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Jan 10, 2023
It's no easier @Muggers even when you know the end is coming.
Your mum is now at peace at last.
The road of grief is long and tortuous. You did the best you could, so be easy on yourself.
A virtual hug. Best wishes.


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Aug 7, 2021
I am really sorry for your loss. I cannot even contemplate how you feel. All sorts of emotions are probably going around in your head but be kind to yourself you have done your best for so long and like Jane3 says you could do no more.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Jane I’m completely broken. Xx
I found the process of watching my mum die utterly harrowing, @Muggers , especially as (like your mum) she hung on much, much longer than I was expecting.

The grief is very raw at the moment. Don't expect too much of yourself, just eat, sleep and allow yourself to be.


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Jun 18, 2022
Sometimes it seems as if the person is fighting to get each breath in. That isn’t how it is. By the end of life it is only really the hind brain that’s firing.
You can think of it like the reflex where the doctor hits your knee with a rubber hammer , your leg doesn’t do the work it’s just a bodily response.
I hope that brings some reassurance
Fluids can collect at the back of the throat at this stage. Can be hard for the family to listen to.
A small dose of atropine May dry this up.
Thoughts and prayers to you all.


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Jul 9, 2018
@Muggers, sending sincere condolences for your loss of your Mum, she is at peace now her struggle with this awful illness over. Be kind to yourself and try and find some comfort that you were with her at the end.

Take care x


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Aug 29, 2023
Hi Muggers, we are all with you , yes as Grannie G says cry then rest then cry some more but please you held your mum until the end now its your turn to be held . xxxx


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Mar 21, 2020
So glad that you were able to be there at her passing. It’s a shattering time but also a very special one. Take time to recover and hopefully you will take comfort in knowing that you did your absolute best.


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Apr 17, 2023
You are so brave for staying by your mums side in her final steps of this journey. I am glad she is now at peace although you must miss her terribly. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

I cant imagine the wave of grief and emotions you must be feeling, there will be so much to process. As others have said be kind to yourself and no expectations, just one day at a time for now.