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Third Party Top Up Form

father ted

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Aug 16, 2010
I have received a third party top up form from my local authority and wondered if anyone can advise.
First let me stress that Mum is settled happily where she is and I am happy and willing to meet this financial commitment.

The form is quite simple and asks me to enter all my savings, investments, state and occupational pensions, welfare benefits, other income and expenditure. I quite understand that they have to ensure you have the means but feel a little uneasy as I am not sure who will see it and if it will be kept on my records.

For example, if this is shared with the home they may well decide that I could afford a much greater top up amount and raise it considerably in a year. Within the year my husband is retiring and a property that we rent out will be sold so our income will be reduced but we would still be able to fund the top ups from the sale of the property.

I was so relieved when they agreed to fund but all the subsequent paperwork is so complex with different dates, amounts etc plus as the home fees had to be paid a month in advance and the local authority have backdated the funding so in effect the home have been paid twice. I have been told by the local authority that this money will be held on my Mum's account at the home but if the funding is coming from the local authority and my top ups surely it will never be spent? There is also a note saying that top ups are paid in addition to assessed contribution- do I pay this too or is it what Mum pays out of her pension? I just feel so overwhelmed by all this and balk at sharing details of my savings with the council when even my own husband doesn't ask me what I have. Please reply if you have tackled this or can shed any light on the question about assessed contribution and overlapping self funded payment and local authority payment.


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Aug 29, 2017
Hi yes I have done this what a minefield, luckily for me I was referred to the local council finance dept, and a lovely lady came out to my house and we completed this form together, I had to make a few calls to get to this department but well worth it, as I know it has been done properly and correctly now. She was recommended to me through our social worker so if you have a sw give them a call and ask for assistance.
Hopefully this I of help to you.