Sad news to report.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Jeannette,
Do what you need to do; use your energy wisely. Just know that you are in our thoughts, and here if you need us.
Love Helen


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Mar 13, 2006
hello jeannette,

sorry this is a bit late but just wanted to pass my condolences onto you and your family,
hope you find the strength to get you through
take care xxx


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Feb 27, 2006
It doesn't seem real

Thanks again to all of you.
Just posting swiftly again. So much to do - we've almost finished working on the letter to the hospital - copying to other key people. Then there's our mother's flat to clear, solicitors to deal with.
I don't think I know how I feel, exactly. It's very up and down. Do I really register that she's not here any more? I'm not sure that I do.
It doesn't seem real, but I know, of course, that it's very, very real.
We're okay. We know, without question, that she's at peace, that it would all have got worse and worse, so we're grateful for that.
You all know how hard it's been - you all know this better than anyone without our shared experience - different as each case, each person is.
Anyway, I will be checking in less and less, because I feel that may be healthier for me. I want to try and leave some of the sadness and awfulness behind, if I can. I want to try and make the most of everything.
But it's been a privilege to post on TP, and to get to know some of you at least a little.
To say I wish you all the very best would be a great understatement.
Thank you again.