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Mar 5, 2011
Milnrow, near Rochdale
What is it?? I'm embarking on a ten week philosophy course and love came up. In my
twenties,searching for conquests on leave in my naval uniform,in the Empress Ballroom no less.The love I was looking for- from my standpoint today in my 87th year seems very superficial.

Today,sitting with my wife Margaret-an emaciated figure I am feeding-trying to get her to eat. She turned and her eyes were full of love.The look in her eyes stayed with me-I could feel the warmth permeating my whole being.
I'ts taken me a long time!


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Jun 30, 2010
87 years is nothing in the passage of time where the universe is concerned. Many think they have found love and then been disillusioned - not once but twice and more in their lifetimes. Your philosophy course seems to be good so far and I'm so pleased for you.


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Dec 10, 2009
Love is a word to loosely describe many things to many people. Like; might be a more appropriate word. For example: material items or image, I love that car, dress, coat, ice cream or a pint of beer.
With the passing of time you realise that you may have been sold a superficial package of love.

To be lucky enough 'to fall in love' you experience a life change. In love is a state of being, where your life is secondary to your spouse's and children.
That is just my uneducated logical interpretation of my experience of love.