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Just when you thought.......


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Mar 25, 2016
I was taken aback when I was asked to take his laundry home to wash, 2 huge bags which I could scarcely carry and very surprised to find that it included a duvet cover, under sheet and a Kylie bed protector. 3 machine loads last night and as it is, of course, pouring here, all to be dried in the tumble dryer. Is this usual now? to have to do your OH's laundry including bedding?
It sounds like these are probably items from the care home, rather than the hospital, as I've not heard of hospitals using duvets, under sheets and kylie protectors. Is it possible that these items came with your husband to the hospital from his care home bed? There was an occasion when mum was taken to hospital from her care home and the paramedics ended up taking one of the care home bed sheets and blanket with her when they were sliding her off the bed and onto the stretcher. I'd check with the care home to see if these are their items and if so they can launder them!