Has anyone ever seen an Angel?

Rageddy Anne

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Feb 21, 2013
My mother's brother died when his ship blew up in WW2, but it was kept secret and relatives were not told until years later. At the time the tragedy must have happened my mother had a vivid dream of her brother...telling her "it's all right.. Tell mother IT IS ALL RIGHT". They were told he was "missing, believed dead". She always expected him to come home, but of course he didn't, and eventually the families were told the ship had gone down and there were no survivors.

Puzzling isn't it?

Rosie Webros

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May 8, 2013
Just after my mom died, my sister and myself went to her grave for the first time. As we walked up to the grave there was a robin on it. It walked up and down and stayed there for ages, it was not scared of us at all.

We still believe it was mom telling us she was ok. She would feed the birds every morning and loved them. Every time I see a robin now I believe it is a visit from mom.

A couple of weeks after this happened, we had just visted mom's grave again and we were discussing these kinds of things and said that mom would show us that she was still around somehow. We were in a queue of traffic at the time and we were surprised to see the number plate of the car in front was 'MOM' !!

Take care everyone, Rosie xx