Good News And Not So Good News


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Apr 15, 2007
We met with the RN, the Manager and the Welfare Officer and were very clear about our concerns!! ;)

Dear Nell,
Thanks for that as I wasn't sure whom to approach. I have spoken to both the Rn's, one did end up apologising in a sort of fashion and when she seen mum's leg she was shocked and I think that the next apology was more genuine. The other it was like water of a ducks back neither seem to take this as failing in their duty of care, and that is exactly what it is. Poor mum never goes and complains about anything
and if asked about her pain she says 'It will get better in time' mum never likes to be a bother in this way to anyone, but, clearly you could see her discomfort. I have decided to write a written complaint as I know in a sensitive situation like this I will get to emotional and I will be unable to address my concerns properly . If the outcome is a meeting, then I'll take hubby he calls a spade, a spade and not a shovel, but, he wouldn't be diplomatic at all if they tried to justify this in anyway. Thanks for the good wishes. Taffy.