Diagnosis with denial


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Oct 22, 2023
My mum was diagnosed in October with alzheimers, she is refusing to accept the diagnosis, and constantly saying she does not believe it, and wants a second opinion, she has called the doctor fat, and said 'she's not even a consultant'. I have told her try and forget about it all, but she is saying she is not sleeping due to worrying about it. In the end I have said 'go for a second diagnosis'. Aware that it will be the same, she has had a brain scan showing shrinkage beyond normal in her hippocampus. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Aug 24, 2013
Diagnosis with denial seems to be the norm, in my limited experience of people with AZ.
Sorry if that's no help but I've lost both my wife and mum with the condition and I regard denial as the normal thing, others on here may have had a different experience.


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Jan 24, 2019
Hi @shehasredhair I am sorry to hear of your mums diagnosis Like @Kevinl says, denial is quite a normal reaction, as I am sure others will confirm.

It sounds like your mum is in the early stages, but distraction or moving her on to another subject works so well.......not always easy. Also, yes, let her get a second opinion. I don't know how long that type of appointment takes and not sure how you go about it, but you can use "lets see what the new dr says" to distract her and move her on.

Sending thoughts and hugs


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I see you have already received great advice.

I think it may help you to understand that what your mum is saying isn't that surprising. This is because the dementia is preventing her from being able to accept the diagnosis. Therefore, it's not really denial because the dementia isn't allowing her to think rationally about her situation in this respect.
Hope this helps,