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Confused - Moving to care for my Mum


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Mar 17, 2015
I wonder if anyone has any advice please?

My mum was diagnosed 18 months ago. She is slowly getting worse. She has her own bungalow and has recently fallen a few times during the night. However this is because she also has type 1 diabetes and has sometimes forgotten to eat something before bed.

It is getting to the stage now that we need to take action and have my Mum live with us as I am in a constant state of worry for her wellbeing. Unfortunately the house that my husband and I live in is not big enough as we also have an 8 year child.
We have been looking to see if we could sell our house and also sell my Mum's house and move to somewhere big enough for us all and for Mum to have a bedroom downstairs when the time comes.
My sister and I have Power of Attorney - Finance and Property affairs. My brother lives in the Caribbean but we keep him informed and clear about whats happening with Mum.
What I'm not clear on though is if we can use part of Mum's equity to put into the new house? If we put Mum's name on the deeds will the government eventually be able to kick us out of the house if mum has to go into a care home to pay the fee's?
Obviously Mum's will states that her assets will be split 3 ways - this would equate to approx. 50k each as her house is worth approx. 150k. Would we be able to put 50k into buying a new place?
We want the best for Mum but I need to ensure everything is done legally and don't want to have to go through financial and property difficulties down the line.
Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Apr 24, 2013
Will bump you up. I am always wary about selling up and sharing. Things can deteriorate so quickly and you are stuck with a house you don't fully own and a mother impossible to care for. Please think this through and face up to worst case scenarios to avoid being bitten in the bum in the long or short run.


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Aug 24, 2013
I don't think there is an issues with selling her house and using some of the money to adapt or extend your existing house or even moving somewhere more suitable, I don't even believe you need to put her name on the deeds, however, the £100k can't be split between the other 2 as that would be deprivation of assets.
I suppose the worst case scenario is you do it and after a few years your mum does have to go in a home (for whatever reason) then the £100k would start getting eaten into so the other 2 would be losing out while you won't.
To be fair £50k is only between 1 and 2 years in a care home so if you keep your mother out of care for 2 years then all that's happened is the money has gone to you not the home, so the "family" hasn't lost out, however, if she then went into care and the money's coming out of "their share" and you get to keep the bigger better house they might see it differently. Money has a way of bring out the worst in people some times.