Awful, awful day


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Oct 12, 2023
Hi everyone,
Back home, initially so pleased as he was so welcoming.
This afternoon though he has talked of nothing but sex and is now, very calmly and reasonably, asking me why I am a prostitute, how many men, where and does it include our sons! And I really should stop, god I’m 77 ! What he is saying is unbelievable and I sit there, and am expected to take it. I am having to keep a record of my B.P, it is off the scale at the moment!
knowing that it is dementia does not make it any easier, infact I am so distressed. I no longer want to share the same house as this man. I will be sending an email to the memory clinic tomorrow saying I want the remarks entered on his records plus social services demanding a way forward and also going to the surgery. I need to go tothesurgery as the g.p wants to discuss my husband’s CT scan results. Sadly it is fine, nothing sinister discovered.
Hi @Skylark/2 , I think you have to stop thinking about him and think about you. Are you safe with him? In your heart you know the answer to that. My OH has the sex obsession too so even at the Nursing Home he will attempt to grope me and force kisses on me so I know the utter degradation you feel when he says these things.
Interesesting that the GP wants to discuss the CT scan if its negative. Perhaps he's about to give you a way forward.
You have to think of yourself now and your family.
Be strong and be safe