Fresh home made doughnuts

  1. Barry
    OK I can hear you all saying (but I can go to the baker and buy doughnuts) BUT there is nothing to beat the aroma of fresh doughnuts being fried wafting around the house, just see the recipe below

    Now here is an easy recipe for you all, just follow the same processing method as in my posting thread (A step by Step method of making bread/fermented dough’s)

    Doughnut Recipe:

    500 grams strong bread flour
    125 grams caster sugar
    10 grams salt
    50 grams margarine
    25 grams cream milk powder
    15 grams instant yeast
    250 grams water (the amount of water is + / - depending on the flour strength)

    Follow the same processing method as in my posting thread
    (A step by Step method of making bread/fermented dough’s)

    Once you have mixed the dough tip the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and divine into portions of about 50 grams each, mould into tight balls and place back onto the floured work surface and cover with a clean cloth and leave to rise twice its size.

    Put a clean cloth onto a large tray and lightly dust with flour, then start to shape the doughnuts into what shapes you like placing them onto the floured tray with a space in between the doughnuts giving space for proving
    For round doughnuts remold them into balls placing them seam down onto the tray

    For long doughnuts first mould round and then into a finger shape and place onto the tray

    For ring doughnuts just press a finger through the center of the dough then with the left and right fingers gently twist the dough round and round to form the hole

    Once you have done this cover the doughnuts with a clean cloth and allow proving to twice there size.

    Frying the doughnuts:
    This is best done using a wok; you need to start to prepare the oil halfway through the doughnuts proving time so the oil reaches a temperature of 180c the amount of oil would depend on the size of your wok but as an indication the oil should be at least on third the depth of the wok.

    Once both oil and doughnuts are ready you can start frying, carefully pick up the doughnuts with your fingers and place them inverted into the hot oil place sufficient doughnuts so the wok is almost full, the doughnuts will float on the surface of the oil and will expand as there frying so don’t over fill the wok, once one side of the doughnuts are golden brown gently turn them over with a wooden spatula frying the other side, once fried lift the doughnuts out of the oil and place onto kitchen towel to drain, continue in this way until all your doughnuts are fried. (Take care not to scaled you fingers)

    If you would like some plain doughnuts just roll them into caster sugar whist they are still hot and the sugar will adhere, for other types of filled and decorated doughnuts allow them to cool down first.

    Some variation decoration ideas:

    Make a cut into the doughnut and add your favorite jam,
    Cut through the doughnut add jam and fresh whipped cream, dust with icing sugar,
    Dip into melted white or dark chocolate,
    Brush the top with a little soft butter and dip into vermicelli / hundreds and thousands,
    Brush the top with a little soft butter and dip into grated cheese,

    Doughnuts can also make a good dessert by first submerging into an alcohol of your choose so that it soaks into the doughnut then place into a nice dish and decorate with fresh whipped cream or ice cream and top off with fresh soft fruits like strawberry’s or other berries

    The variations are almost endless
  2. Jin
    I am going to have a go this weekend. I adore fresh doughnuts and if they are homemade they must be irrisistable!!!!
  3. Barry
    Hope they turn out OK for you
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