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Your tips: dealing with anger or cruel comments

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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland

nae sporran

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Oct 29, 2014
It's not quite the same thing, but C gets jealous and constantly accuses me of chasing floosies. She was always a bit jealous and insecure as her husband who died before we met was a philanderer. I should understand and try to, but when you try to hellp and suppost your partner even when deep down you do want to run away and find someone else it does hurt.
How do you cope? Escaping to the country, the park or round the block and just getting on with whatever needs to be done, whether it's cooking cleaning or shopping has got us this far. It's funny in a way how a good meal and an Andrea Rieu DVD can prove you do want her.


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Dec 28, 2018
Both are wonderful helpful methods, I do think so often it is fear and anxiety that sometimes is the cause. My 92 year old neighbour's husband is accusing her of going with other men. She is such a gentle soul, she seemed relieved when I assured her it was the illness not the man she loved. That in fact it was quite common.
Fear of being a alone but expressed in ways that hurt to the core.
Personally I try to nip things in the bud, I prune everything to give full attention, I slow down, I quieten down, I reassure how much I love him. Everything is put on hold. Tiring and exhausting. Yes.
You are a beautiful person, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do that!


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May 27, 2016
You are a beautiful person, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do that!
I perhaps have the advantage of a slow reaction! Some of us are quick to react but all types have advantages and disadvantages in life. I think of a car low gear more power X


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Apr 29, 2014
Thanks so much everyone for sharing your thoughts on this. I'm going to close this thread now but I've passed on your comments to the editor of the magazine, so keep an eye out for the next issue :)
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