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Your opportunity to question Patricia Hewitt

Sarah Thomas

Registered User
Oct 9, 2006
Got a question that you want to put to the Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, about public services and dementia? - this is your chance.
On Thursday 8 February , from 10.45 am for an hour, the Health Secretary will be taking questions from the general public on the future of public services. This will be part of one of a series of live web chats on the Number 10 website addressing the big issues included in the Government's Policy Review.

We are hoping that as many supporters, members, people with dementia and branches as possible - that means YOU- will participate. We want Patricia Hewitt to be inundated with your questions and having to give a lot of answers!

So... do you have questions ... ?
About the current levels of social care funding and how it is not meeting the needs of people with dementia?
About people with dementia paying for essential care, such as support with eating, bathing and using the toilet?
About quality of care provided to people with dementia?
About the poor levels of training nurses and car e home staff recieve in supporting people with dementia?
About how services can better support more people with dementia to live at home for longer?
About how our public services can better support carers?

These are just examples. Please try to come up with your own questions, drawing on your own experiences .

So go to the site now and enter your question: http://www.pm.gov.uk/output/Page10859.asp

many thanks and good luck