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worrying time


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Jan 26, 2015
another visit to hubby since the medication mix up he really seems to have gone down hill his posture has changed he now walks lop sided with his head down, maybe its not the medication mix up just another part of the alzheimers ,its hard to go to these homes where everyone has alzheimers because you can see what is going to happen to your loved one and however brave you are you cant get away from it. but i did get some more kisses but then so did the staff ,but i wont count that,off again to see him hopefully it will all go ok


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Jan 5, 2011
Sorry to hear about your husbands down turn. Try not to look at the others in the unit and think 'this is what's going to happen' because it's so true what they say. No two people living with dementia are the same.
Mum had no short term memory, and needed help with personal hygiene and appropriate dressing and was doubly incontinent in her last few weeks but seemed happy in her world. I know we were fortunate just remember the worst doesn't always happen.


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May 23, 2014
Marmalade - I second Jess - everyone is different and travels their own road with this dreadful disease so do not judge your Husband by others. They can go up and down so quickly from one visit to another. If it any consolation my darling boy proposed to just about every female carer and nurse at some time or another - and a few of the male carers as well - during his stay in the Nursing Home. He also offered to buy several of them a house - we used to laugh when I told them I only put £5 a week into his piggy bank!
Just accept the good and tolerate the not so good - it is all you can do sadly. WIFE


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Oct 13, 2013
North Somerset
Agree with the others. Don't frighten yourself because everyone is different. I too look at others and think how lucky I still am so try to make the most of what we still have.

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