Worried about John


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
I'm not blaming the NH at all. They didn't see John when he had his previous infection, and I know people have different reactions to them.

They did respond quickly once I had convinced them, and so did the GP. Just have to hope it's the right antibiotic.

Thanks again for the good wishes.


PS Cliff, are you insinuating that Skye's nose is less than perfect? She's quite a diva, you know, and she's very hurt!:(


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
I don't know what i've missed here!Skyes nose?

all i can say to you lot is that the last couple of days have been a nightmare for me and the fact that you lot out there are such a willing and giving bunch of fun makes my time and trials seem like nothing!keep up the good work.you make me smile.love elainex


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Oct 17, 2007
kelowna, bc, canada
sue38 said:
I'm glad the medics and care home are listening to and trusting you in your knowledge of John and his condition.

Oh I see! She's definitely a giant puppy. But you're right she's well worth it.
That's Molly for you, larger than life and taking up more than her fair share space!


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
John has deteriorated again. He's fallen a few times (fortunately no damage, he just slides gently to the floor), and is asleep all the time. He needs two carers to help him walk.

They sent for the doctor again this morning, and he's changed the antibiotic. Let's hope this one works.

We had our SW review this afternoon. He really is a lovely man. He checked everything -- physical, mental, and emotionalhealth, socialising and activities, eating, response to staff, state of his room, and whether I could manage John at home.

The answer to the last was very clear today, but the charge nurse assured him that even on a good day it took two carers to handle him.

So something of a mixed day. It's very upsetting to see John so ill, and the speed of his deterioration is terrifying, but it's reassuring to have both staff and SW on my side.


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Oct 16, 2007
manchester, uk
Hi Hazel

Im so sorry to hear John is not doing so good at the moment. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the new antibiotic's work for him.

Take Care


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May 19, 2006
Only just catching up, Hazel, haven't been on for a bit. I'm really sorry to hear John is not well and can understand you must be worried about him. Hopefully the new antibiotics will kick in and you'll see some improvement in the next few days.

Thinking of you and John and keeping fingers crossed!

Love, Tina x


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
Dear Hazel,best wishes to you and John and i hope he gets better.Your a star that shines so bright and do not deserve the light to be dimmed.love elainex


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Nov 28, 2005
I have just caught up with your news, Hazel.
I do hope that by now the antibiotics are beginning to have some affect and John shows improvement soon. What a time you are having at present - wish I could offer more words of comfort and assistance.

Just thinking about you - take care now Jan


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Oct 20, 2007
Hazel, all I can say really is thinking of you both and that I feel for you both. Sorry I can't say anymore to help you. Take care, Nicky xxx


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Jul 31, 2007
Going down the same path and it is hell

Dar Hazel
My thoughts are with you and John..I agree with Sue - medics and C.H. listening and trusting us.
Peter at the moment has detriorted in a week.I spend 2 1/2 hours with him yesterday. He has another terible cold. Thank goodness my case worker came to pick me up as I was beside myself. Not being able to do anything but hug, give him cuddles. Instead of a man of 62, he looks like a man in his 90's. Consultant has increased a medication and will call into see him on Monday. Everything done from my call to Consultant within 10 minutes.
Mu Prays are with you both. Love from Christine

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
Hi Hazel,

I'm only 55, normally fit and well, and had a sinus infection a month ago, and I couldn't not believe how ill I felt. We went for dinner with friends and I could barely eat a thing. And I, too, fell out of bed. Fortunately the antibiotics did kick in, but not till I had gone even worse. I can't imagine how ill a person who is not so strong might feel. Let us pray that he feels better soon.

You won't believe how "thick" I am, but I've only just realised by reading this thread that Skye is your dog, and you are Hazel - I thought Skye was a nickname for yourself!

Dogs are particularly comforting at times of difficulty, they have a second sense, and of course they still need looking after so it can take you mind of your own problems to see them enjoying a walk. We have cats, much less useful, but we love them just the same.

I hope things are better for you this weekend.




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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi All

Haven't updated for a while, as there hasn't been much to report. But John is deteriorating so quickly now. He sleeps all the time, and I have difficulty waking him enough to feed him. Even then, he doesn't open his eyes, just his mouth! He still enjoys his food, and he still looks as fit as ever.

I had little or no response from him over the weekend, not even when I kiss him. Until now, he's always kissed me back.

I had a word with the charge nurse today. John finishes his latest course of antibiotics today, and she's also going to try him without Quetiapine. We don't know if the meds are causing his lethargy, or if it's the progression of the disease. Either way, it's awful to see him like this.


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Sep 10, 2005

I have no sage advice to offer, just my best wishes to both of you. Let's hope the lethargy is caused by the meds and John's brighter soon.


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