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With memory going back does feelings /actions go back?


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Apr 4, 2016
A daft question
Oh spent 4 days causing me of keep him hostage and not looking after him at all and not knowing me some times .then last 2 days he just wonts to keep kissing and hands wondering.like it was 40 years a go.
Do I go along with it .as he only needed kissing when I pops out shopping for past 2 year


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006
I’m sure they do @vannesser, if a person with dementia thinks they are 30 again, they will act as they did at 30.

The same happens when the no longer recognise you as their partner. My husband did not recognise me as his wife, in his head I was probably the stick thin dark haired person I was at 30, not the plump, wrinkled grey haired lady of 60+ years I had turned into.