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What's an appointeeship?


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Jan 20, 2015
I've just had a visit from someone regarding application of appointee for me to act on behalf of my mother, but I feel like I need some further information, and I wondered if anyone here could help? While I really don't want to be doing this, there isn't anyone else: I worry that, given the distance I live from my mother, and my inability to be able to visit regularly, that I am not going to be able to fulfil legal duties. At the moment I feel stretched thin, just trying to keep on top of the things I can do over the telphone - things that I could sort out in moments if I was there, start to be measured in hours doing it over the 'phone! I don't, at the moment, have any dealings with any of my mother's financial affairs, and realise that this will probably have to change at some point - although she is managing very well at the moment. (She does have assistance from some very good friends of hers who live close by). Does anyone have any experience of this appointeeship? What if I stuff up something, what could the penalties be?


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
A DWP Appointeeship means that a special bank account will be set up in your name, her State Pension and any benefits will be paid into this account enabling you to manage that money on her behalf.

It will not give you any control over any other funds or income she may have nor will it give you the authority to speak to any utility providers or insurers. To do these things she needs to appoint somebody as a Court of Protection Attorney, she can only appoint an Attorney if she has capacity.