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What stage of alzheimer's is my mum at


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Apr 10, 2015
hi today my mum said to me I wonder if my dad is still alive but he died about 40 years ago I was only tiny at the time I told her that he died along time ago and she said nobody told her.she is still quite capable but seems to be forgetting more and more and is aways accusing me of stealing and moving things is this the start of mid stage:confused:


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May 21, 2014
Try not to get too focused on stages - every person living with dementia is different. Also, please try to stay within her reality. There is nothing gained by telling her someone has died, she might not believe you anyway or grieve all over again. And again the next time you tell her. If he's alive in her world then he is alive - just at work or popped to the shops. This link about compassionate communication might help you: http://forum.alzheimers.org.uk/show...ionate-Communication-with-the-Memory-Impaired


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Nov 13, 2014
I asked this question, too but no-one can really tell where the stages start and finish. I would say the journey is moving on slowly. We all use 'love lies' to avoid upsetting our relative. If my mum asks for my dad I just say he's at work and that pacifies her.


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Apr 24, 2013
If you google Seven Stages of Alzheimer's you will get the Alzheimer's Assoc page which discusses various typical behaviours at each stage. It is not absolute as people tend to move in and out of these stages especially at moderate levels. My husband appears from it to be stage 5 with elements of stage 6 but these are fluid. It might give you something to work on though.