We're in!!!!!


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Mar 19, 2008
west sussex
Dear All
Still can't believe it. My mother is in the NH. She went this afternoon. Turns out the Sister on the hospital ward told my mother that I wastaking her this afternoon and that that was that. No messing around, that was the plan. I arrived in the hospital for the usual visit. Sister told me she had told Ma what we were doing and that she had got a nurse organised to accompany us. Told me to get the car round, packed Ma up and off we went!!!!!! One shellshocked Mother and daughter. Ma went like a lamb. God knows what tomorrow will bring but at least she is safe and was welcomed by the NH with open arms, affection and TLC.
I am one impressed daughter by the care she has received from the Queen Victoria Hosp in E. Grinstead. I shall be eternally grateful to the ward sister and as for the NH making things so easy for Ma I am speechless.
I know coming days are going to be tough but at least Ma is safe and I can relax a little in this knowledge. I am sure I will keep posting to keep you all up to date and thanks again for all the moral support you have given me and no doubt will continue to give.
Love Judy

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Fantastic news Judy. I`m so pleased for you.
I wonder if the transition is less painful from hospital to Nursing Home than from own home to Nursing Home.


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Mar 27, 2008
Dear Judy Judy

That's such good news - I feel really pleased for you. It is nice to hear some of the positive things that happen in what can be a very distressing and difficult world where dementia is concerned.

Look forward to hearing how things go from here.

Very best wishes



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Apr 8, 2008

fantastic news!

you both deserve it!

now get a good night's sleep (after an appropriate nightcap I hope!).

hope your mum settles in well.



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Aug 9, 2007
Great News

I remember feeling shell-shocked at the speed when Mum was discharged from hopsital to the Nursing Home.

One in the NH Mum improved beyond belief compared to her condition when she came out of hospital. The Love, care and compassion in a good nursing home has to be seen to be believed.

Hope that you all rest easier now