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Vascular Dementia


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Oh yes Tom, not looking after themselves, not washing/showering/bathing, not brushing their hair, or shaving, or changing their clothes is a standard problem with dementia.
Often they are resistant to anyone helping them and usually claim to have already done these things when it is obvious that they havent.


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Sep 21, 2013
Good morning,
Would someone with Vascular Dementia, ever have trouble cleaning them-self etc?

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yes i found when my MIL first moved in with us she did not change her clothes and if she had her way keep them on for 2 weeks. i now lay out her clean clothes every night before she goes to bed if i do it to early she will put them away again


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Jun 14, 2010
Yes. My Mum had cardio-vascular mixed dementia and yes, slowly but surely I began to notice she wasn`t showering (she lived independently in a sheltered scheme), when I became aware of major problems, she would dress in winter clothes in the summer, and sometimes I found her in bed ready to go out, so expect the unexpected! later we had to move her as she was wandering, toileting became a problem too as incontinence started. She resisted help, but carers had to intervene for hygiene reasons, she wasn`t happy, but she wasn`t agressive, she couldn`t do anything about it. She maintained a happy demeanour throughout her illness. Hope this helps you. You find you have to "go with the flow". Initailly I couldn`t reason with Mum. When she was still capable of making a cup of tea and when visiting she would have a cup of tea and TWO cakes ready for me, (I took her shopping each week) and I had to eat them, she would keep on about yes please eat them ....but then one step ahead I started encouraging her to buy weightwatchers cakes, so felt a bit more comfortable carrying out what she wanted - a cup of tea and TWO cakes before tea with my husband.
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Take care
Heather x

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