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Vascular Dementia OR Alzheimer's OR Fronto-temporal Dementia:


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Oct 23, 2015

My mother, 80, a patient of Left Ventricle Dysfunction and Mitral Valve Regurgitation with cardiac ejection friction of just 20%.
14 months back, she was diagnosed with DEMENTIA. She was prescribed 5 mg Aricept (Donepezil) After 4 months of diagnoses, Aricept was increased to 10 mg.
As of now, she is in much deteriorated condition. Doctor increased dosage of Aricept to 15 mg (5 mg in the morning & 10 mg at night) and Ebixa (Memantine) 5 mg in the morning. Her primary neurological termed her dementia as Alzheimer's in moderate phase. Another neuro physician called it as "Fronto Temporal Dementia" while another neurologist said she has "Vascular Dementia" & changed changed medication to 10 mg Memantine and 10 mg Aricept

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Oct 23, 2015
Hi there,

So sorry to hear of your mother's deterioration. Like me, you are new to the forum so "hi" from a fellow newbie.

I hope another forum member with experience/knowledge of the condition can help you with advice on how to arrive at a definitive diagnosis of your mother's condition.

Warm regards


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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
Hi, I'm guessing, that from the way you name your mother's medics, that you are not resident in the UK.
Aricept is normally prescribed for Alzheimer's Dementia, and by increasing dosage which is normally ( here) prescribed to be taken at night.
It may be that your Mum is presenting atypically, or she may have a mixed version. It may be the the medics are playing a try it and see approach too.
All I can suggest is that you keep a wtch over Mum for a month and make notes of strange activities or unexpected side effects and seek a clearer diagnosis when you go back for a follow up visit.
If you can let us know in which country Mum is domiciled, we will be able to point you towards a local support too.
Good luck and keep posting.