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Urgent advice please - ss and incontinence


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Sep 13, 2012
Firstly, does double incontinence start as a gradual thing? Mum has been doubly incontinent for a few days, then back to normal again. Unfortunately on her 'inco' days she keeps taking the pads off! Related to this where is the best place to purchase the pads - the ones I have are from the hospital last December.

Secondly, I rang SS all day yesterday, even the numbers given to me for my allocated SW didn't allow me to leave a message, or not answered by anyone. I ended up crying on the phone at the guy on the main SS number. No-one has rung me back. I hope this doesn't get moderated but I live in one of the largest Boroughs. My friend whose Father died of AD lived in the smallest and his SS care was fantastic. Just what do I have to do to get a SW to physically come out and see me and Mum? I'm finding them totally useless and my feelings for them would be full of expletives! End of tether at the moment :eek:. Sue


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Mar 24, 2012
Have you tried the emergency out of hours number

You might have to wait until after 6 tonight to phone but it's worth a try if you havn't tried it already,

I just remembered when I was rushed to hospital and needed emergency respite for my husband the hospital told my daughter in law to phone 111 and tell them we needed emergency SW and why,
this could work for you as well,
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Feb 10, 2010
Hiya Sue,

The incontinence issue is easier to solve than the SW one. Phone your mum's GP surgery and ask them to send out the incontinence nurse ASAP. The nurse will discuss your mum's needs with you and will get you signed up for a supply of pads.

With the SW I would drop a line to the head of social work saying you understand they are busy but that your mum needs attention also. Make a note of how many times. You have called and no one has returned your calls. Another more sneaky way is to wait s until night time or a weekend and when your mum is having a bad day phone the duty social worker! Tell them you are having carer breakdown and can no longer cope without support.

Hope this helps,



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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
You should be able to get a limited supply of pads via the continence service
you can self refer by phoning 020 8462 1255 or you can do it through your her GP.

There are many places to buy additional pads, several people use




It's worth while keeping a log of what she eats and how much fluid she drinks to see if there is any correlation with her incontinence.


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Nov 17, 2012
Hi sue - not what you want to hear but it takes weeks in my experience. Keep trying and you will get there.