Update on Mum


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Jun 13, 2008
Hello friends
Sorry I have not been around for a while. Thought I would give you an update on MIL.
Mum has been in the CH now for just over a year and seems very settled. The company is good for her and she looks so much better for good food. Her latest MMSE was 20 and they are going to leave her on the Aricept,with another review in 3 months. Mum still thinks she used to walk to the corner shop only last week and sometimes gets frustrated that she cannot come and go as she used to.She helps around the home a little,wiping pots and tending the plants.
Laundry is still a major issue as she changes up to 4 times a day and recycles her clothes- unless a piece of clothing has a mark on it you cannot extract it from her for washing!She is still attempting to handwash her smalls! The home collect them when she has put them to dry on the radiator and wash them properly. Mum realised that they were "disappearing" and then started to put a large towel over them on the radiator so they wouldn't be collected:rolleyes:
She still insists on using the stairs at least 30 times a day to get to her room even though there is a lift and stairlift.

I get in to see her a couple of times in the week and we take her out while we can every weekend- while there is this stability life is pretty straigtforward? For us moving mum into a CH was the best we could do for her and she is now quite accepting of it(well most of the time!!)

Love Julie xx


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Nov 28, 2005
Hello Julie:
I remember the problems you had prior to moving your MIL to the Home. Its good she has settled so well and somehow I think the walking up the stairs so often is keeping her fit.

I am pleased that at present life seems to be running smoothly.


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Mar 31, 2010
Julie, hi
Well that's a positive post about life in a CH, good to hear that she is keeping so active, those stairs will help in all sorts of ways to keep her fit and health as well as helping her sleep.
Washing and care of smalls is a lovely reminder of the lives people have lived and what keeping their personal respect is all about, long may it last. It sounds as if her days are busy and happy.
Take care of yourself, best wishes, Jo


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Jul 19, 2009
Hi Julie, so pleased to hear your MIL has settled so well, she is still pottering which is a good sign isn't it, I laughed about her putting a towel over her smalls :) she knows you know! :)