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Tv licence advice


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Feb 27, 2018
It is the home's responsibility to register all residents with a private TV and obtain the licence, free if resident is 75 or over else £7.50 pa

Whether they pass any cost onto the resident is up to them.
Thank you Nitram - so it was free for her (she's 83).
As far as I know she never uses the TV in her room, but if she has to pay £7.50 for a licence in future it won't break the bank.


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Aug 7, 2020
My father is in a residential care home and has received a bill for a license.He is 87
I have asked for the care home to apply for a concessionary license but it falls on deaf ears.
I sold his home to pay for care fees and he is now very low on money and he cannot really afford the full license.I am on low income because of covid and even struggled to pay for my own.
My father does not watch tv, he did watch dvds but not tv as he cannot fathom how to get from tv to dvd now he watches nothing.and his health has deteriorated. and just sleeps all day and everyday on his bed
The only help the home as offered is if I would like to donate his tv to the home he will not have to pay They owners are very tight and I think they prefer having free tv's as opposed to doing the right thing and applying for the license. I find this outrageous as it is a new tv. and I like to do things the proper way. No objection to paying £7.50 a year even if he does not watch it.
I could take his older tv but they will only say you cannot come in because of covid so I am stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea and why should he be deprived of his possesions even if he does not use them.