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Jan 31, 2004
near London
I've had a brief look on Google and there are a number of postgraduate courses available.

totally useless for active caring, of course, so we can forget those. I certainly wouldn't be able to qualify to join the courses [for example at Universities of Bradford and Stirling] and they appear to be pitched at a distance from those with dementia.

I'll send you a Private Message with the details of the company that runs the home my wife is in. They have training for all staff and really impress me. they may buy in the training, in which case it might be available more widely.

I notice there is a book that seems to be well-regarded http://www.radcliffe-oxford.com/books/bookdetail.asp?ISBN=1+85775+931+1 but that may also be more academic.

I always recommend "The Selfish Pig's Guide to caring" as a book on the topic of caring more generally.

.... you may well be able to learn quite a lot by working your way through the pages of Talking Point, and using the Search facility. That is all true-life, non-academic stuff.

You might also call the Alzheimer's Society itself as they may have suggestions.

http://www.dementia.com/bgdisplay.jhtml?itemname=dementia_caring_introduction the items on caring here look quite sensible.