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Tonight I wish ......

Silver Lining

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Nov 20, 2013
Havn't posted for a while, my OH has been very poorly with his other medical conditions , 5 collapses averaging 1 a week.
The day before yesterday rushed to hospital and would you believe it discharged the next day, Oh Yes I am sure you will believe it.!! Tests have been brought forward after me "stamping my feet" - shouldn't have to I know.

I went to visit him at his Nursing Home tonight, he is aged 69, and how I wish I had the usual conversations with him about wanting to come home etc etc. Tonight I had 2 hours of conversation that I didn't know what he was talking about, it made sense to him but not to me.

I know his medical conditions are having an impact on his Alzheimers but such a detrimental impact, I am hoping things will go back to what they were.


Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
It`s hard to have a silver lining when life is so tough for you and your husband is so young. It seems medical conditions and infections have a much bigger impact on those with dementia than on those who do not have dementia. Just one more challenge .

I do hope your husband`s condition improves and at least he recovers his language.


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Nov 27, 2014
Tough times for you SL, do hope that now you have stamped your feet the medics find something which can be treated and improve your poor husband's condition. Sending love and big hugs to both of you. Es


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Aug 24, 2013
Tonight I wish ...... it was me that had AZ, she'd do a better job looking after me than I can ever hope to do looking after her.

Silver Lining

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Nov 20, 2013
Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and comments, I am remembering that we all are suffering, so thank you again. Silver Lining.